Friday, November 20, 2009

You Idiot

Dr. Grumpy: "At your last visit I started you on Neurontin for the pain. How's it working?"

Mr. Idiot: "It works fine, but I don't like the side effects."

Dr. Grumpy: "What kind of side effects are you having?"

Mr. Idiot: "If I stop taking it, the pain comes back."


Not so fat girl said...

Sweet bejeezus...It's people like this that make me think we should be allowed to cull the herd! We seriously need to start cleaning out the gene pool ;-)

Chris said...

I have that same side effect with alcohol. If I stop drinking, the drunken stupor tends to fade.

Frank said...

Perhaps you should inform this patient that they should stop breathing, as that is a guaranteed way to make the pain stop.

Anonymous said...

(...sound of me banging my head against the wall...)
How dumb can some people be?????

May I never be as ignorant with my neurologist as Dr. Grumpy's patients are with him!

Goose said...

Seriously G how do you not laugh in these peoples faces? Or at least sit there with a dumbfounded "how are you so stupid" look on your face?

Pharmer Jones said...

I guess he figured it was like a course of antibiotics? Take 1 tid x 10 days and tada, your pain is gone forever?

If only it worked that way!

Rebecca S. said...

Oh my - I just discovered your blog, and immediately signed on.
I often want to ask my own incredibly harried G.P. if he is on crack cocaine, but I will definitely refrain after reading what you doctors go through.

Lovin Life! said...

She's going to list it as an allergy.

ToBlog today said...

Really? You must be making this up...really.

Have a safe weekend. : )

Grumpy, M.D. said...

Angelina- I wish.

mommy-medic said...


I think he shared his level of intelligence for the guy who called 911 tonight claiming he was "assaulted and stabbed with a box cutter" only to discover that then english translation for what he said is better known in the medical field as a "paper cut to the pinky".

Oh, and I read through some older posts- i LOVE the "people of walmart" website. Have you seen the one about three or four pages from the end ofthe goat? Yeah, just a random goat. In a walmart. Cracks me up.

Candice said...

Stupid really should be a diagnosis.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Candice - "mental
subnormality NOS" (ICD-9 code
319) just doesn't give the same
satisfaction as "stupid".

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