Friday, November 20, 2009

We're Not There Yet

Mrs. Technophobe, I understand that this "internet" and "email" thing look kind of magical, as you only sent your first email last week, with your granddaughter's help.

And I appreciate you telling me that you can look up movie show times online. I tried my best to look impressed. I didn't have the heart to tell you that you may be the last person in a G8 country to find this out.

And you're clearly fascinated by the fact that I can send your prescriptions in by email. Obviously, being a net newbie, you haven't read posts by myself or The Angry Pharmacist bitching about how much we HATE e-Scripts.

But, as much as you apparently think this is going to happen (because in your mind what else could "e-prescription" mean), your pills ARE NOT going to come to you by email. I swear. The matter-to-energy-to-matter conversion technology isn't there yet. And arguing with me and Annie about this is not going to make it happen.

Keep an eye on your mailbox. The metal one, yes, that thing, in the front yard, and your Plavix will magically appear there in about a week.


Helen said...

How have you not run out of stupid people by now?

Grumpy, M.D. said...

Helen, I wonder that so many times every day.

Anonymous said...

dunno about you... but if what's happening to you is happening to me day after day after day... I would have either committed murder or suicide or a murder-cum-suicide... The people/patients you meet are just too stupid to be real!


LilMsHppyPillz said...

That reminds me of a patient that insisted that the new "memory foam" pillows we were selling would help her with her failing memory.

ausduck said...

Hey, the matter transport thingy happens on tv all the time and if it's on tv it's gots to be true!

lol Dr G,you sure do get teh good ones :)

The Good Cook said...

That reminds me of this absolutely lovely woman I gave a ride to the other day. I have GPS and set the destination so "the woman" began speaking... Mrs. Elderly asked me who was speaking, I told her it was GPS - a satellite that would tell me what direction to drive in to get us to our destination. She sat there silently for a few minutes, listening to the GPS voice instructions. Then she said, "How many women are up there in those satellites and how long to they have to stay?"

LOL... I almost drove off the road...

Anonymous said...

You really need to find a better e-prescription program. Both my parents are doctors and they swear by e-prescribing.

Filling a prescription takes about 15 seconds per script, they get printouts with confirmation numbers to give to their patients, and so far none of their patients have complained about the pharmacy not having the prescription in the computer. I wish I knew the name of the program, since it seems like it would do you a lot of good to switch!

modesty press said...

My neighbor, who is only one year older than I am, told me that he took digital pictures for his granddaughter's homework assignment (about ecological living) and postal mailed the pictures to her in New Orleans.

I said, "I could have sent them to her by email." [We live in the country and he has chosen not to use computers.]

He said, "I didn't think about that."

Did a tree fall in the forest? Did anyone hear it?

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