Tuesday, November 3, 2009

No, You Can Do That Yourself

I'm examining a guy this morning who's chewing a toothpick, repeatedly doing the thing where he turns it around in his mouth, then gnawing on it some more.

I asked him to open his mouth and stick out his tongue.

So he takes the spit-covered, chewed-up, soggy toothpick out of his mouth, holds it out, and says "Can you hold this for me?"


HeatherLynn said...

again, I must ask...where on earth do you practice? The Appalachia mountains?



Heather said...

With all these germs floating around...seriously!

How disgusting!

mommanator said...


Junk Drawer Kathy said...

So gross. Sorry, dude. That's just so nasty. I hope you pointed to the trash can. People are stupid and gross and OMG!

Kim said...

LMAO!!! As a soon to be dental hygienist, I wouldn't even hold it covered head to foot in PPE's and double gloved!

TranscriptionistTia said...

@HeatherLynn... For a girl with such an Appalachian-sounding name, you sure are snotty, aren't you?

Obviously, if he were in Appalachia, it would be a wad of chewing 'backer.

The Duchess said...


On a completely unrelated note, the word verification for my comment is "pains" - how fitting :)

Susan said...

Looks like he's going to need a GI doc next to get all those splinters pulled out of his ass!

Anonymous said...

And the H1N1 virus continues it's march.

pharmacy chick said...

And you said "not even if MONEY was involved!"?

student dr. blaze said...

All I can picture is what Dr. House would do. Maybe that should be a new phrase for such situations: WWHD*. Only problem is, such actions would probably result in revocation of one's medical license, regardless of how funny or deserved the doing might be. ;-)

*What Would House Do?

Anonymous said...

HeatherLynn...there are no "Appalachia" mountains, dear.

The Appalachian Mountains, however, are lovely. and run through most of the mid-Atlantic states. We have such "hick", backward little towns in the 'holler such as Charlotte, Charlestown, Scranton, and Asheville (home to the Biltmore Mansion).

Perhaps sometime you'd like to come visit us, if you don't hurt yourself getting off your high, urban horse. We have electricity and indoor plumbing now, and are gracious and welcoming to even the biggest snot that graces us with her presence.

Pattie, RN

Anonymous said...

Dear HeatherLynn aka HosCorners,

At first I was a little put off by your comment here but then I visited your blog. Bless your heart.

Please come visit us here in the Appalachian mountains if you can tear yourself away from the uber hip and happening Ohio.

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