Sunday, November 8, 2009

More Junkie Logic

Just a weekend of remarkable quotes. I couldn't make this stuff up if I tried.

"I was on my way to my girlfriend's place and did some meth in the car because if I waited till I got there she and her roommate might use it all. But there was something wrong with it and I began shaking, and got real dizzy, and then began puking all over the steering wheel. Then my vision got blurry and I couldn't see the road very well, and I was afraid to pull over cause then a cop might come try to help me, and I'd be in deep shit, so to be safe I started driving as fast as I could to get to the nearest emergency room."


Barb said...

So the ER doc thought he needed a neurologist? Or did you just happen to be there?

The Revita Man said...

Remind me never to buy drugs in whatever city you live in. It sounds like you have a serious quality control problem there. Or maybe this guy and yesterday's guy both went to the same dealer but she got their prescriptions mixed up.

Dani said...

Wow... Hope I don't end up on the road with that guy. eek...

Anonymous said...

WTF to the dealer control standards.

Do the dealers in your area take no pride in the poison they peddle or are the patrons more picky?
Greedy roomates. Druggies don't even care any more.

Why do you get these consults? I'm sure the little genius is uninsured. So will you have to eat the consult?

Or is he under Daddy's insurance?

Why is Dr. Bloody Gloves torturing you with these idiots?

LD50 Rat

Word vert-->dembe-as in "dembe stupid junkies"

Grumpy, M.D. said...

I got this consult because the admitting doctor wanted him worked up for visual changes.

I don't order the consults, but as the neurologist on call I'm required to see them, no matter how inane they are.

And yes, this guy was uninsured, and I'll have to eat it.

Ya take the good with the bad, that's life.

Doctor D said...

...because we can never be certain those visual changes are due to tripping out unless we get an MRA and MRI to rule out ischemia.

Common sense loses to defensive medicine again!

Silver said...


Usually at this point Dr. Bloody Gloves calls me for a psychotic disorder and/or "anxiety disorder" consult. (No, I say. Can we wait til the crank's off board? At least he didn't get worked up for endo.)
And then when I get there the pt tells me s/he has ADD and needs a rx for Adderall, at which point I wet myself giggling.

It's OK, they can only keep calling me until 8 am this weekend. I don't know about your schedule.

I need more Diet Coke. Where's that cabana boy when I need one?

Anonymous said...

First Junkie had a point. Knowingly selling bad drugs is bad. Junkie may be a junkie, but his junkie logic is okay with me.

But this junkie? Holy crap. He was afraid of the cops so he drove faster??? So what he could kill as many people possible while having a bad reaction?

as always said...

Did they have the same dealer... i wonder?

J-Quell'n said...

Where the hell do you practice medicine? Compton?

Anonymous said...

please say he died, that would make me so happy to hear one less of them is on the street, especially if they are willing to act like that.

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