Monday, November 30, 2009

Cyber Monday Shopping

WOW! These online deals today are great! Look at how much money I can save buying "Wii Fit Plus" today!


The Good Cook said...

Oh man... and you didn't even qualify for the FREE Super Saver Shipping...

Don said...

That Wii Fit doesn't include the balance board.

It is $89 if you need the balance board too (Like I do).

Thanks for the tip though Doc.

Grumpy, M.D. said...

kd7fds- I have one. I've had a few posts about my battles with the Wii Fit and it's hated trainer.

He/she drives me nuts.

kate sweeten said...

My dad checked in on buying some computer gadget at the Apple store this weekend. They told him that it was a Black Friday special of ONLY $96...he asked how much it was normally. They responded with "$98." Really??

The Duchess said...

I know....WTfrench toast? I was all primed to clean Old Navy out (sales prices plus 20% off plus free shipping)....the biggest price reduction I found was $2. Two effing dollars. Most were like 50 cents! I took a pass and decided everyone on my list is getting hand-knit scarves. Bah humbug!

vanity press said...

You get a choice.

Black Friday: you get $100 off.

From the two they have in stock. With at least 100 homicidal maniacs in line ahead of you.

Cyber Monday: you get $0.02 off.

And then you pay $10 shipping and your identity gets hacked.

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