Friday, November 6, 2009

Not Helpful

Dr. Grumpy: "Let me get an MRI form... Do you have metal anywhere in your body?"

Mr. Irrelevant: "Nope. My wife does, though. She has a pacemaker. And my oldest daughter has an artificial hip. And my brother has a bullet from Korea in one arm. And..."


ERP said...

Are you sure he does not have the proverbial plate in the head?

Doris said...

Oh I see, you're going to do one of those special group MRIs, sort of like a family portrait from Sears...



Flavius said...

Hmm.. I'm wondering if he was nervous. I know people tend to ramble on forever in those states. A defense mechanism I guess.

As to why he was nervous, perhaps because he was the newest recipient of a Grumpy blog, and didn't want to make an ass of himself, lol.

Made me chuckle!


Anonymous said...

Would it help to know that I have a metal plate in my chin, and two screws in my jaw?

The Ragsche Man said...

"...and my youngest son likes to listen to that heavy metal music..."

linlah said...

Maybe he thought you were pre-screening for the FAA.

Chris said...

Thanks. This completes my "metals in humans" survey.

pAula said...

yo, I feel your pain. How may times have I asked a pt "what time did you eat last?" that I have heard- A piece of toast and a soft boiled egg after the news, then a yogurt that didn't sit well... or...well, last night I got up hungry, finished the turkey tetrazzini, brushed my teeth then went back to bed... As if I'd cared about WHAT they had to eat!

3sweeties said...

I get the same thing at the pharmacy.
Me: "Have we ever filled a prescription here for you before?"
Customer: "Oh yes. My spouse (kid, sister in-law, cousin, next door neighbor etc) comes here all the time."
Me: "Ok, but what about you? Have YOU ever been here before?"
Customer: "Oh, I see. Yes, I've been here before. Well, not here, but your other pharmacy the next town over."
Me: "I see. Ok, well I need to get all of your information then."
Customer: "Can't you just call over there and get it?"

In the time it took me to get all of that useless information, I could have been halfway done filling their Rx. These are also the people that come back 4 minutes later to see if it is done.

Arps said...

Now that is some good family history.


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