Wednesday, November 11, 2009

The VFW Visits

In honor of Veteran's Day, I'm re-running this post. It was originally put up in December, 2008, but seemed like an appropriate one for Veteran's Day.

Bill is a pleasant 90 year-old fellow who's blind in one eye and has severely impaired vision in the other. He's also mildly demented.

Because of the vision and cognitive issues, I sent him for a driving evaluation last month, which he failed miserably. So he lost his license.

So today he had a follow-up appointment. He came to my office (which is pretty small) with a bunch of friends from the VFW (like 8-10 of them). All were well over 80 and were wearing their VFW hats. All came to give me glowing testimonials as to what a wonderful driver Bill is (I suspect he's the chauffeur for the group).

My favorite line: "Doc, Bill drove a tank all over Germany. He's perfectly safe".


S3XinthePantry said...

We once had a wife who insisted she should take the vision exam for her husband "I'm his eyes on the road" their adult daughter (who drove them to the office was giving me hand signals in the background, so I pulled her aside)

She said, "mom tells dad how far to drive and when to stop. Drive up a little, Earl. No a little more. No a little bit more. Okay no one coming, go on. A little faster, no faster, slow down. It takes them 20 minutes to drive a block!"

Moppie said...

Too Cute!

Classof65 said...

My mother would not quit driving and yet she had three fender-bender accidents in three months and frequently got lost and had to call my sister to come and lead her home. She lived with my sister and so my sister and I discussed the situation over the phone and my sister decided to disconnect the battery cables on Mom's car (Mom would never look under the hood and, if she did, wouldn't know what she was looking at). Sure enough, Mom called me and said her car wouldn't start and that she'd have to take it in to be worked on, but since it wouldn't start she didn't know how to get it to the shop. I just said, "I don't know, you'll just have to wait until the battery builds back up." She never drove again...

as always said...

OF COURSE, The vet has his entourage with him on veteran's day.

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