Saturday, December 11, 2010

Yet more gifts

Hi, Zuktar the Mighty here, penning a guest column for Dr. G's gift guide.

In the good old days, after vanquishing an opponent, we would celebrate by drinking from their skull. Sure, they leaked a little, and were tricky to grip, but they could hold a lot of wine or espresso, and made a decent insulated container if the coffee were too hot.

But for a modern barbarian, things are different. I mean, that block party tends to empty early if you put skulls next to the punch bowl. And if you hold up a skull at Starbucks and ask the barrista to pour your latte in there, you get some funny looks. Once she collapsed, though luckily a guy dressed as Elvis ran in and saved her.

So what's a 21st century barbarian doing a pencil-pushing desk job to do? Well, fortunately there are options. I can get pen holders made from vertebrae and femurs. These handsome accessories make any desk special.

Particularly when your new boss realizes what happened to the last person who didn't give you a raise.

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08armydoc said...

Wait, that's actually kinda cool! Maybe not way cool, but cool nonetheless.
OK, I'm a dork

lovinmyjob said...

AWESOME!!!! So that's where my backbone went!

Anonymous said...

I'm a dork too, I think the lumbar mugs are fun!

S.M.O. said...

I had one of those coffee mugs, but it developed spondylolisthesis and I administered euthenasia.

I do remember using it to teach neuroanatomy to the residents, back in the day.

Anonymous said...

I can personally verify that the vertebrae mugs are AWESOME. Boyfriend and I each own one and, in addition to providing nerd cred, they're pretty thermally strong as well.

Anonymous said...

Oh, those are utterly COOL. They would be even cooler if the bone was real.

Albinoblackbear said...

They should make a "tensor fascia latte" mug.


I would LOVE to have a lumbar mug...does that strike me off the list of "possibly cool people"?

Moose said...

Years ago the Anatomical Chart Company, the first place I ever saw this stuff on sale, had more gifts than hard-core medical charts and other items.

This was back in the '80s, before the "Web" and when companies sent you paper catalogs. I have no idea why I got one, but I did. In it was two pages full of body part earrings! I wanted some but didn't have the money then.

10 yrs later, when I became a diabetic, I went looking for the company again because I really, really wanted the pancreas earrings that had been in that catalog.

They no longer carried them, and they had no idea who they had gotten them from back then.

So bummed. I still want dangling pancreases from my ear lobes.

The Mother said...

I'm sorry, but those are so out of proportion that they look like mugs with spigots on them.

I'll stick to my caffeine mug, thank you.

ERP said...

I like those vertebrae mugs.

Anonymous said...

I teach radiography and have had one of those mugs for about 15 years. Love it!

Colonel Korn said...

I hope we get more reports from Zuktar the Mighty

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