Thursday, December 30, 2010

"I, uh, had my skin darkened, like Michael Jackson, but the opposite way."

Folks, if you're trying to use someone else's ID, please remember that they should at least be a similar race and sex to you.

Not like this guy.

Thank you, Mike!


Unknown said...

LOL. Sounds like one of my husband's recent police contacts. When he asked for ID, the 5'10" caucasian, 19 year old kid, gave him an ID of that of a 40 year old 5'2" overweight Asian male.

Good laugh indeed. The positive to all of this, is that they could link him to at least 3 or more personal property crimes.

Packer said...

Of course the police were unable to find him, the stocking cap was red not orange and the jacket was more tan than brown.

Reminds me of the time in our youth when we were stopped for some indiscretion --you we originated the phrase youthful indiscretion--- Cop says to me, what's your name, I say John Doe (not my real name), my brother says Richard Roe, (not his real name) , cop says to miscreant #3 And you ? To which he replies with my real name. ARRRRGHHHH, don't you just hate when that happens.

Anonymous said...

challenge- find an over 18 black male in west fargo and borrow his id to buy smokes.

The Mother said...

I tried to pass a younger kid off as an older one when Costco wouldn't give him his own card (seriously???? If they're driving, they need a costco card so they can run ERRANDS).

It didn't fly. And they even look a fair bit alike.

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