Sunday, December 19, 2010

Worst Christmas Story Ever

It's been 4 years since a friend sent me this holiday story.

I think it's time to share it with you guys.

Click here.


Anonymous said...

How sad.

My maternal grandparents were from Dundee.

Not that that makes any difference.

The Mother said...

Another good reason not to perpetuate that stupid myth.

(Bones did a pretty good send up a few weeks back. Love that show.)

Anonymous said...

"How are we going to get our presents next week if Father Christmas is ill?" Naturally that's the first thing that would come to their minds.

Anonymous said...

Yep. Does exactly what it says on the label.

I honestly don't think I could imagine a way to top that one.

Community RN said...

That's a bit heartbreaking I have to say! Poor Santa!!


Anonymous said...

Stupid myth?! I love Santa.

Louise said...

That's so sad! I guess statistically, though, it was bounch to happen. Lots of old, fat men playing Santa this time of year.

At least the kids didn't the body after he died.

Anonymous said...

Man how could wait 4 years before sharing that one ?

And may all your Christmases be bright..............thud.

Kat's Kats said...

Family Christmas Story
My mother always told me "Santa is the spirit of love and giving/sharing." Our family was Church of Christ which doesn't celebrate any religious holidays but Sunday.

When I heard others talk about it being someone's bday I put two and two together and told her, "I know all about Santa!" (I believe I was three) My mother's eyes widened and she deadpanned, "Oh? Really?" I nodded sagely (trust me on this, I could be quite serious as a child) and said, "Oh yes! Christmas is Santa Claus' birthday but he loves children SO much that he gives them presents and that's why we leave him coconut cake and eggnog!!" (yep, no cookies at our house!)

My mother clapped her hands in astonishment and said, "You are so smart!! That's right!" When my son was confronted by school 'friends' who insisted that "Santa's just your parents!!" after he'd given them the family "Santa's the spirit of love and giving." he folded his arms, stared them down and replied, "Oh? Are you saying that your parents don't love you?" Why yes, I do come from an evile family. Why do you ask?

lovinmyjob said...

So...was that considered worker's comp? Seriously, very sad for the kiddies.

ERP said...

My son would have freaked out. He gets really upset if he sees anyone get hurt.
I'd have to immediately go find another old guy nearby to dress up as Santa and pop out showing everyone he's fine.

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