Friday, December 3, 2010

Friday Afternoon at the Fights

Dr. Grumpy: "Any new issues?"

Mr. Patient: "Nope. I'm doing fine."

Lady Patient: "The hell you are!"

Mr. Patient: "Fine. Then you talk to the doctor."

Lady Patient: "Your driving is terrible!"

Mr. Patient: "My driving is fine."

Lady Patient: "Doctor, he drives too slowly."

Mr. Patient: "At least I know how to drive!"

Lady Patient: "What's that supposed to mean?"

Mr. Patient: "You can take it however you want."

Lady Patient: "I'm not the patient here!"

Mr. Patient: "Maybe you should be."


Tori said...

Ahh, you're seeing my in-laws now.

King J's Queen said...

I'm certain you aren't in my area; but, by golly, that sure sounds like my parents.

C said...

You do have a code that you can write down to include couples counseling along with the normal billing, right?

watercolordaisy said...

LOL!!! My dad recently got new hearing aids and cataract surgery. Thus can now hear and see. And comment. My mom is not amused. This would be them reversed, lol.

Anonymous said...

People are whacked or deserve to be.

Guy comes in office says he has to start eating right, drinking lots of water--why I say ? My wife scheduled me for cardiologist in 5 days.
I said good idea, it will make all the difference.

Kimbra Kasch said...

In our house that's just considered an energetic discussion but after 27 years of marriage - we aren't even that energetic.

Leigh said...

How often are you contacted by divorce lawyers? Do you have a special rider on your malpractice insurance against cause of divorce claims?

You should start charging more per visit if a family member comes with the patient.

The Mother said...

I'm with Leigh. You should be able to add a psych visit charge.

MA said...

At which point do you starting rolling your eyes and taking notes for the blog?

Anonymous said...

Haaaaa. Notes for the blog. I can just see it. Dr. G. asking Lady Patient, 'May you please repeat that again?'

Anonymous said...

Bet those are the times where you truly regret not going into radiology or pathology.


ERP said...

Are you Dr Grumpy or Dr Phil?

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