Wednesday, December 1, 2010

The First Night

The official Grumpy family Christmakuh tree is up, and I want to wish my Jewish readers a very happy Hanukkah!

Last January, trying to get some deals on leftovers, Mrs. Grumpy and I hit a Mikasa outlet store after the holidays.

Mrs. Grumpy: "Do you have any Hanukkah stuff?"

Clerk: "No, we only carry Mikasa."


Julie said...

oops ... cultural (religious) sensitivity training required!

happy hanukkah to you and your family.

webhill said...

This morning at Starbucks (coffee:webhill::diet coke:Ibee Grumpy) a woman was loudly expostulating with her companion regarding the use of the word "menorah." "We need to take a stand. We shouldn't say 'menorah' anymore. We should call it a holiday candelabra. Because if we can't say Christmas Tree, they shouldn't be allowed to say menorah." I was quivering with restraint. Because menorah already just means "candelabra." Saying "holiday candelabra" is already more specific than just saying "menorah." If you want to forbid us from saying a word, don't let us say Chanukkiah, and make us say menorah (or candelabra) instead, I guess. Or, you yourself if you want to take a stand against the use of holiday-specific words, use the word menorah instead of the word Chanukkiah. To clarify - a menorah is a candelabra with seven or eight branches, as used for worship in the ancient temple, or used at other times for whatever purposes (in modern usage. Biblically it did refer to the one used in the Temple). The menorah used at Chanuka, aka the Chanukkia, has 9 braches - 8 for the holiday candles and 1 for the extra used to light the others.

So take that, annoying starbucks lady who calls Jewish people "them!"

Lainie said...

Thanks for posting! Love the song, love Tom Lehrer. One of my favorites!

Silliyak said...

Love Tom Lehrer, hadn't heard this one before.

And it looks like there are some of your grumpy relatives here also! Lighten up Francis!

Kat's Kats said...

Love the Tom Lehrer song! I don't recall ever hearing it before. Earlier today I was listening to Adam Sandler's Chanukah song. But Geez Louise!! How on earth could someone live in the modern world and not know what Hanukkah is?? Good Grief!!

There are a plethora of holidays this month (hence my Appropriate Holidays cards & stuff. Over the years I've had friends who celebrated each and every one (as well as multiples thereof. Mikasa. ::rolls eyes::

Anonymous said...

Well one would think that coming off the good will following from Turkey Day that we could deal with
Hanukkah and Christmas , rather than the festival of lights and the holidays.

Big uproar out East cause the athiest hung a billboard over the Lincoln Tunnel, hmmm just in time for .........

Val said...

It's Chanukah already?
Happy Hannukah!

Anonymous said...

Whenever I hear anyone complain about "political correctness" they are actually lamenting the loss of privilege of THEIR group. WATBs!

The Mother said...

Some non-Jewish types are more clued in than others.

My son got a phone call yesterday almost exactly an hour before sunset, from an old friend wishing him a happy Hanukkah.

His response--it wasn't sunset yet.

But it was, you see, in North Carolina.

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