Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Life in line

I had to return something to the store last night, and was in line behind a lady carrying a large cardboard box with a picture of a table on it.

Counter Girl: "Can I help you?"

Mrs. Mesa: "Yeah, I bought this table that you have to put together, and I didn't like the way it looked when I assembled it. So I'm bringing it back."

Counter Girl: "Okay, do you have your receipt?"

Mrs. Mesa: "Right here." (hands over receipt)

Counter Girl: "Okay, and the table."

Mrs. Mesa: "Here you go." (hands over box)

Counter Girl: "Uh, this box is empty."

Mrs. Mesa: "Yeah. I put the table together, so it doesn't fit in the box anymore."

Counter Girl: "So where's the table?"

Mrs. Mesa: It's in my car. Do I need to bring it in?"

Counter Girl: "Yes, if you're returning it."

Mrs. Mesa: "Okay. But you should have that posted somewhere."


CholeraJoe said...

Some people's stupidity knows no limits.

Anonymous said...

Oh Oh, is Ms. Mesa oriented X3? Does it appear she's on a mind-altering substance?

Otherwise she's either normal stupid (I did my time in retailing)or in sore need of Dr. Ibee's services. Or those of a Mongolian yak herder. Whatever.

Anonymous said...

OMG, Ibee, THEY ARE EVERYWHERE! Wherever you go, whatever you do, they all seem to be following you!

Did you hand her a business card (the customer) and tell her you cater to the, "missing links?"

I bet you can't wait for the The Grumpy's Summer Vacation!

Lugans RULE! said...

mesa in Lithuanian is meat. I keep on saying her name as Ms. Meat.

Grumpy, M.D. said...

In Spanish it means "table".

PA Honeybee said...

She brings the table with her in her car and asks if they need her to bring it in? I think she is special stupid. If returning something, you bring it back into to the store! Geez!

I had a weird exchange experience yesterday. I went into a clothing store to exchange some flip flops my kid got as a gift. The clerk tells me I cannot exchange them. I have never heard of a policy like this so inquire why they cannot exchange flip flops. She tells me they don't have them. There is a rack with a myriad of flip flops behind me 7-8 feet away so I turn and look at it. She then states "well, we have flip flops but not this design". I tell her I don't care, I just need a bigger size of whatever I can find. To which she replies, "Oh, then yeah, you can exchange these!" Aaaaaggggghhhhh!!!! They are everywhere!

Anonymous said...

I once worked at Cr@te and B@rrel and a lady drenched in expensive fur once came in and said that a set of pots and pans that she'd bought the week before was now on sale, so she wanted to return them and buy them again at the sale price. She had a receipt with her, but no pots and pans. "They are in the the trunk of my car. Do you REALLY expect me to drag them all the way in here, or are you just going to give me the cash difference between what I paid and the new sale price?" They gave her the cash. These people do these things becauser they can.

Old MD Girl said...

What anon 10:27 said.

Anonymous said...

Just tell me that there were no kids in line with her!

Anonymous said...

Credit where credit is due, at least she had the receipt.

Anonymous said...

As long as they believe she actually bought the set of pots and pans, I think she's right. Are you going to carry them in just to carry them out 5 seconds later for her? Waste of time unless they want validation, and apparently they didn't need anything more than the receipt.

The situation is obviously different when you don't expect to be taking the merchandise home with you.

EDNurseasauras said...

I assume this was Walmart.

Anonymous said...

almost as good as the customer who complained about her organic (!) peaches rotting the other day..

HSAStudent said...

Regrettably, my day job is in retail due to the perpetually-recessed location I live in and the lack of available, decent jobs. These people are a constant annoyance that strains the sanity of clerks around the country on a daily basis.

If you've never worked retail, you can't know the joy of a customer trying to return a competitor's store brand product, and screaming that they BOUGHT THEM HERE! Or of spoiled, half-drank gallons of milk being returned two weeks out of date, with bogus claims of I BOUGHT THIS YESTERDAY!. Or of being threatened with bodily harm over a rise in the price of gas, food, or other sundries like we have control over that. Or the knuckleheads who have to hold up your line for a half hour with four different orders because they're making a store run for half the town and can't be bothered to sort out who gets what change by using a receipt and calculator. Or the people on public assistance with expensive clothes, gold jewelry, and a car worth 20 times what you drove to work who get more in foodstamps per month than you make in three. Or having to deal with 5 customers, messes everywhere, a food service counter, ten gas pumps all blaring their alarms, and a lottery machine all at once by yourself, and any slight mistake gets you screamed at by a boss that sits in his office while all this is going on and risks your job.

The only reasons why retail workers haven't gone on a rampage yet is becuase they're too poor to afford all of the guns, tar, and feathers that such an event would require, and because we're too burned out from work to do the social networking required to organize it.

The Mother said...

I almost feel for her.

After waiting in line at the DMV for 3 friggin' hours in the 100 degree heat, I get my 15 yo to the front of the line and the lady tells me my son's VOE has expired. They're only good for 30 days, you see, except after June 1, when they're good for 90, or when the clerk can't actually read, and then they're only good when the clerk wants them to be.

(Mine was 25 days old. I yelled. They caved).

Margaret said...

Stuff likme this makes me crazy. Evidently it isn't limited to the US, either! I've been reading customerssuck.com for awhile now and I am continually surprised. :-(


Anonymous said...

Stuffylococcal infection?

Anonymous said...

Sadly, this is our future .

C said...

Cr@te and B@rrel person- that is really standard now- it's called a "price adjustment" ..you can do it on line, pretty much automatically if the store has a poicy with a time period (usually 10 -14 days).

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