Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Random memories of Monday

For Independence Day the Grumpys went to a local fair with rides and music and places to let your kids burn off energy while waiting for the fireworks to start.

We stopped at Local Grocery to buy tickets and pick up some tomatoes. Inside a couple in the floral section was fighting LOUDLY.

What was the dispute?

She was insisting that July 4th is one of those holidays where you're supposed to buy your wife/girlfriend flowers.

Now, I can understand this if it happened to also be her birthday. Or their anniversary. But it was pretty clear from their screaming that it was neither.

I didn't get it, either.


At the fair several sponsoring businesses had set up booths to advertise their stuff. One was from Local Cancer Treatment Center, where a lady handed out pamphlets and told people about their new treatment and research protocols.

During the entire time she never stopped smoking.


One booth was handing out prizes to kids who scored a bullseye. Winners had their choice of candy, a little stuffed animal, an airplane toy, or sunscreen.

They definitely weren't going to run out of sunscreen.


Anonymous said...

So, maybe Grocery Lady's hubby bought his girlfriend flowers.
Let's hope.

Anonymous said...

i also don't get it that why the guy didn't just spend a few bucks to buy the flowers just to shut her up...

Unknown said...

well, if we are celebrating INDEPENDENCE day, shouldn't he be sending his EX-wife the flowers?

Anonymous said...

Pal, if she wants flowers, just buy her the flowers. Don't argue over whether you 'should'.

Thatgirl said...

In 5 years crazy screaming lady will be bitter divorced lady wondering where it all went wrong...

Anonymous said...

I'd give her flowers : Conium maculatum and let her make herself a salad from the stripped-off leaves ;-)

Anonymous said...

Check this out, though... Iceland is planning on BANNING smoking and cigarettes entirely!

Anonymous said...

Fourth of July Fireworks early in aisle 4.

Same thing, working in backyard, when neighbors over back fence started screaming at each other. Just keep whistling said I.

Followed car yesterday with handicap placard, arm with cigarette coming out window are regular flick intervals--any corelation between placard and habit I wondered.

Shanniel Shakespeare said...

(body shaking in laughter)Ole Phat Su...., Dr. Evil could use on his side!!!

CT tech said...

I recently went to a party where the wife of another guest told me he was about to have one leg amputated. Never saw him without a cigarette in his mouth. Guess he doesn't care about the other leg.

RehabNurse said...

Once they have sunscreen with sparkles and/or one that looks like green slime, ALL the kids will want it.

Then they need a movie tie-in and they're set.

CT tech:

I worked with a researcher in rehab who's big area was microcirculation and diabetes. He was a BKA, too.

Ya think he should have known better? I always wondered, but he's not here to ask anymore.

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