Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Today's Schedule

My secretary Mary types on the fly as she's talking to people on the phone and putting their info into the schedule. So occasionally something odd shows up. This is on today's schedule:

"9:00- Mike Smith. BCBS. Coming in because he works at the liquor store across the street."


Chris said...

Well of course. "Dr. Grumpy! I work in the liquor store across the street! Help me!"

thegooddrlaura said...

Dude, you should go across the street for a "house call" on that one! Maybe get paid in ... liquid!

Anonymous said...

Liquor store....


Maybe you can do trade in diet coke and alcohol.

Dr. Grumpy, work this to your advantage!

LD/50 Rat

Square Peg Guy said...

One of the most hilarious intake comments was of the man who cut his finger, which was oozing pus.

The med assistance hastily tried to write in his chart, "28 yo Male. Finger is pus-ee"

But the doctor read, "28 yo Male. Finger in pussy."

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