Friday, July 3, 2009

More Phone Calls

My office is closed today for the holiday, so my message says "Hi, my office is closed today for the Independence Day Holiday."

It's amazing how many people who call in feel this is something they need to leave a pointless message about (without a name or phone number, of course). So far today I've gotten:

"Oh, I forgot it was a holiday this weekend."

"I guess you're closed today."

"My regular doctor is closed, too".

"It's hot today"

"What time today will you be opening?"

"Since you're closed I'll call back next week."

"Are you completely closed? Or are you seeing patients today?"


Rx Intern said...

I'll post my comment Monday when you're back.

moppie said...

"It's hot today" was funny. LOL.

grapegrower said...

what do u expect when u leave such an ambiguous message!

pharmacy chick said...

I love it when people leave messages like "can I get my prescription before you open?" (left at 1:30 am). or
"I need my furosemide filled" (no name, no number and no phone number)
I guess I am supposed to be either an expert in voice recognition or a mind reader....

Dani said...

Your patients really are the greatest.

Fiz said...

Happy Independence Day, Dr Grumpy and Friends!

Maha said...

"My regular doctor is closed too"
LMAO! Now you can rest easier knowing that you're not the only doctor whose office was closed today!

Anonymous said...

I, too, am on clinical call this long weekend. Despite an outgoing message that clearly states we are closed and a message should be left if "you are a current patient of (our home health agency) and having an emergency" I have had two wanting to know if we were hiring CNA's [in broken English], and another wanting to speak to our corporate CFO--at 0125 this morning??? How DUMB are some people?????

Unknown said...

If I were your patient Dr. Grumpy, I'd call to wish you a Happy 4th of July.

Just sayin.

Bet your glad I'm not your patient. ;)

Anonymous said...

Your patients and blog are hilarious, Dr. Grumpy. A worthwhile break from USMLE studying for me.

Christine said...

I actually have a doctor that will routinely see patients but let the phone go to answering service cause there's no receptionist on.

Anonymous said...

Hey Christine-Megan, 2 of my specialists do this. Is an answering service that much cheaper OR
is finding a person with a brain cell to answer the phone actually that hard.

Though in my one doctor's case, the answering service was a total upgrade to his SIL.

The phrase "Lord help them, they just aren't that bright." comes to mind with her.

LD/50 rat

Anonymous said...

Yeah isn't grand to be a neurologist where you don't actually have to be available for your patients 24-7. Thanks for reminding me why I became a REAL doctor.

Grumpy, M.D. said...

Anon- I AM on call for my own practice 24/7. Sorry you don't think neurologists are real doctors.

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