Saturday, July 18, 2009

I Don't Know This Lady

To my horror, Mrs. Grumpy (inebriated on Diet Coke) decided to participate in the ship’s ice cream speed-eating contest. This involved eating 2 scoops without your hands, placing the empty inverted ice-cream bowl on her head, and yelling "Iggy wiggy, I'm a piggy!" before anyone else.

And she blew the rest of the field away, winning big time.

She won a plastic trophy.


Unknown said...

I sat here for 5 minutes staring at the blank comment box wondering what I could possibly say about this post. EVERYTHING that comes to mind just seems inapropriate to write. Guess my minds always in the gutter.

Yay on your trophy Mrs. G.

WWWebb said...

I think you're a very lucky man.

Phathead said...

Well if she's that good with her tongue and mouth, I'm sure you're having a GREAT vacation :P

Pics of said trophy per chance?

Anonymous said...

Placed 4th in a hot dog eating competition once-the prize was half a gallon of ice cream. I trust Mrs.Happy was able to eat it both quickly and neatly,which was not my case at all.(ketchup and mustard smeared everywhere,my family disowned me too)Congrats,Mrs.Happy!

Anonymous said...

I mean,Mrs.Grumpy-sorry about that,got blog mixed up.

Unknown said...

haha..i agreed with wwweb and gophathead..lucky u~ :P

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