Sunday, July 26, 2009


Marie wanted to talk to my parents this morning, for whatever reason. So I dialed the phone and handed it to her.

After a pause, she said "Hi, it's Marie.... okay, Grandpa" and handed it back to me. She said my dad had answered and said he was busy, but would call her back.

After a while we didn't hear back from them, which is odd. So I called them, to find they'd just gotten in from shopping, and neither had spoken to Marie.

As it turned out, she'd reached their answering machine.


The Angry Medic said...

Oh great. Thanks Dr G, you now owe me a new computer keyboard. Trust me to drink Coke whilst reading your blog :)

Unknown said...


It played out exactly as she told her mind.

Unknown said...

haha..she's so


The Bus Driver said...

that is soooo adorable!

word verification: pecky lol

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