Friday, July 17, 2009

Parental Warning

Attention parents: Sooner or later all kids do that thing where they push all the buttons in the elevator, then get off, solely to inconvenience others.

If your child is doing this, however, please teach them NOT to do it by squeezing into a FULL elevator, pushing all the buttons, and then standing there smiling at all the other people in the elevator.

If this sounds like something your kid might have done, and you’re on a cruise, you can find him in lifeboat #3, bound, gagged, and tied to (what used to be) the lunch buffet’s ice sculpture.


The Nice Lady said...

OMG. That kid was on the cruise my parents drug us on for their 25th wedding anniversary.

Of course when he tried to get off the elevator on the next floor I grabbed the snots collar and said "Oh no you don't! You're on here until I get off!"

Then I broke into song: "Santa Claws is coming to town" (it was a Christmas cruise). For extra creepiness. True story!

(maybe his parents just left him on the ship!)

KeepSmiling said...

Oh boy, Dad used to encourage me to do that. Push all the buttons just before we got off the elevator. HAHAHA He had a warped since of humor I suppose.

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