Sunday, July 26, 2009

Intellectualism and Discount Retailing

We went to Target last night for some school clothes for the kids (we have SUCH exciting Saturday nights). At check-out Mrs. Grumpy had this discussion with the cashier:

Mr. Cashier: "Is it raining outside?"

Mrs. Grumpy: "No, just very cloudy."

Mr. Cashier: "Yet, I do sense the je ne' sais quoi of coming rain."


Amanda said...

Y'all are almost as exciting as Choreboy and I are. An evening visit to Sam's qualifies as a date in our book.

Yep, thrill a minute lives we all lead ;)

AuspiciousAmy said...

Geez, what Target do YOU go to? I'd be lucky to get even one comprehensible word out of the cashiers in my area.

Maha said...

I'd be left a little speechless at that remark! I just get, "have a nice day" if the cashier doesn't look like they want to end their lives.

Your verification word is "buyem"

Liz said...

I think that Target cashier is a hoot! Almost makes spending your Saturday evening there.

Anonymous said...

A Target checker that has an, at least, nodding acquaintance with French and speaks passable English. You sure ain't in Callyforny!

Lipstick said...

That made me LOL. So, was Mrs. Grumpy able to contain herself? I guess she is used to the non-stop hilarity that follows you around though. ;)

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