Friday, July 31, 2009

My Readers Write

Dr. Phil (I assume not THE Dr. Phil) wrote in today with this horrifying story. Which I think is certainly worthy of sharing with the rest of you. So take it away, Dr. Phil:

"The following story happened just this morning, and I thought I'd share it with you....

Jackie is our newest employee, staffing the front desk, fielding phone calls from crazy patients, checking in patients, and in general controlling the chaos and preventing riots on a daily basis (and, if we're lucky, she brings doughnuts on Fridays!).

This morning, a patient showed up and handed her a Sephora bag. She told Jackie she was dropping off some samples.

When Jackie saw the Sephora bag, she immediately got excited. Once the patient left, she started digging through it to examine the contents. The plastic containers in the bag didn't resemble the typical Sephora product packaging.........

Fortunately for Jackie, she didn't apply any lipstick or hand lotion, as the "samples" were of the stool variety.

Next time she brings in doughnuts I'm going to avoid the chocolate. Poor Jackie."

Thank you for this awesome story, Dr. Phil.

Jackie, welcome to the medical office world. If anyone brings in a sample that looks like apple juice, I wouldn't drink it.


Unknown said...

Sounds like some of the stuff where I used to work.

Fiz said...

My (now alas, retired)GP used to work in Africa and they used to give him food or small presents, usually guava jelly. He held out his hand for the next one, only to find it was filled with tapeworms! Oh, I do miss him. He was very shy but when he got used to you, so funny. And I still haven't found a replacement, but I suppose he was a one-off!

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