Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Argument Clinic At Sea

My son Craig will be a lawyer someday. He can argue with a wall.

This morning he walked to the bar with me when I went to get a Diet Coke. A lady was getting a Blue Hawaii, and he argued with her and the bartender that it was turquoise, not blue.


Fiz said...

He's right! He will also go far!

Anonymous said...

I also raised one of those. From about age 11 on, we made him put any argument longer than 30 seconds in writing. He is now a brilliant writer and on his way to law school!

Pattie, RN

Phathead said...

A Blue Hawaii is turquoise though....

Now if he were trying to convince them it was Red... that would be a great lawyer! lol

Sabra said...

I dunno about lawyer, but it sounds as if he might make a fine interior designer.

ChemoQueenRPh said...

Anonymous, that is brilliant!!! I have one of those too, and he HATES to write.
Seriously though, not to yank your chain Dr Grumpy, cuz you know I love your blog, but here is the convo that went last Fri afternoon in our clinic around 1500 (aka shithitthefantime):
Me to Dr: Doc, I don't know if that off label expensive chemo you ordered for Monday is gonna be covered. I can only find Phase II studies, and we still haven't heard back from InsuranceFromHell company.
Dr ILoveOffLabel: It's not off label.
Me: Okaaaaaay
Dr ILOL: Here, let me pull up the presentation from BadAssConference I went to a week ago on my cell phone.
Dr ILOL proceeds to bring up video of some guy droning on about a Phase III study....IN THE UK!!!
Me: Ok, let me write that down & do another lit search.

I STG he does that to me every time!!! He's a nice guy, but sometimes I want to kill him.
Enjoy a cold tuquoise one for me!

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