Thursday, May 24, 2012

The bag lady

Mrs. Gift is a sweet lady who always brings a small present for my staff and I. It's usually a little paper bag filled with something like a few dipped strawberries, or some chocolates, or other candies. I generally turn it over to Mary to put in the break room.

Yesterday she started the appointment off as usual by handing me a little paper bag. I thanked her, and we had our visit.

Afterwards I gave it to Mary. She took it to the back, and opened it.

It contained a PBJ sandwich, a banana, and a bag of chips.

Mrs. Gift came back an hour later, looking for her lunch in exchange for a bag of lollipops.


Anonymous said...

And how many points had her mini mental state score dropped?

Anonymous said...

good thing you guys didn't take a bite of her lunch.
off topic question - did your patient laugh very hard when the cracked chair dumped you on your ass?

Packer said...

You drank her Diet Coke, didn't you ? It was conspicuous by its absence.

Love the little smile I get every morning reading this slice of life stuff. Thanks.

jimbo26 said...

" Oops , sorry dear , wrong bag " . ;-)

Kim said...

When my son was in Kindergarten I was packing his lunch, early in the morning, before I had my coffee. I put a beer in his lunchbox. Thankfully, I noticed it before sending him to school, but can you imagine if I hadn't? I might have gotten a mention on this blog!

Jono said...

It's a good thing no one ate her lunch!

ndenunz said...

Sorry to be the grammar police, but it's "my staff and me".

Moose said...

I have tried the Seuss
Rhymes and many jokes, but still
You still get it wrong

At this point I guess
You must do it on purpose
to poke at my brain

Mrs Gift brings the
small present for staff and ME
not *I*, you doofus

Perhaps this haiku
will get through your thick, dense skull
A Moose can dream, no?

A final verse says
the required final line
Plastic Bear Vomit

Mari-Ann said...

We had dropped our dogs off at the kennel (which is like a giant playgroup for dogs) because we were having our floors refinished. Since I routinely cook a nice topping for my dogs' dry dog food, I told my husband to take in a "doggy bag". Too bad he grabbed my lunch and I was left with a soupy mix of ground chicken livers. I sent him back to trade lunches but of course, we had already arrived at work before I noticed it. I forget what my lunch was but it must not have been dog friendly or I would have dined at the hospital cafeteria. Which also serves something a lot like dog food.

kathy b said...


brent said...

you are more fortunate than I. Usually the brown paper bags that my patients drop off contain guaiac cards or stool samples.

Anonymous said...

On a completely unrelated note, while cleaning various porcelain objects in my house today I noted a curious label just behind the lid/seat. It read "artisan". Now I'm left to wonder, either some optimist has been spying on my bathroom activities, or I'm just that good. Puzzling.

Anonymous said...

What a nice lady :)

C said...

what the grammar police said.... the grinding in the ears "..left for I..." no no no. She has a pretty high carb lunch.

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