Sunday, June 15, 2014

Weekend reruns

Dr. Unka is in my office building. When he refers a patient to me, he often walks them upstairs to my office and waits with them up front (while his own waiting room backs up) until Mary has scheduled the patient. He often asks that I drop everything I'm doing to come meet his new referral, instead of just, say, having them call us to make an appointment.

So today Mary grabbed me to say Dr. Unka was up front, and wanted me to come meet a new patient. So I excused myself from my current patient and went up front, to see him standing there with a familiar, somewhat irritated-looking, older lady.

Dr. Unka: "Ibee, I'd like you to meet Mrs. Ancient. I'm referring her for memory loss."

Dr. Grumpy: "Uh, I saw Mrs. Ancient 3 weeks ago for that."

Mrs. Ancient (glaring at Dr. Unka): "I told you! Why didn't you listen to me?"

Dr. Unka: "She did?"

Mrs. Ancient: "Yes!"

Dr. Grumpy: "Yes, I sent you a note."

Dr. Unka: "You did?"

Mrs. Ancient: "Yes! He did! It was even in my chart at your office! I pointed it out to you!"

Dr. Unka: "You did? Um, I mean, then have her make a follow-up." (leaves my office).

So, in this situation, who REALLY needs to be seeing the neurologist?


Steph said...

First of all he needs to stop practising medicine.
If a doctor doesn't pay attention or can't be bothered to actually read the chart he should quit treating patients.

J said...

What is even worse is that he is sharing her medical information to a room full of your own waiting patients.


Anonymous said...

Well CLEARLY you didn't fix her good enough the first time so he's going to refer her again. Maybe you'll do a better job this time.

RehabRN said...

Dear State Medical Board:

I think Dr. Unka has a problem...

Sincerely (anyone in your office that day).

Anonymous said...

"I said I was referring her for memory loss. I didn't say WHOSE."

Moose said...

I prescribe for Dr Unka: One (1) Kick In The Ass

Anonymous said...

Well. There must have been another reason Dr. Unka just had to step out of his office that day, then, with Ms. Ancient in tow. What could it be? Sounds suspicious. Are you sure that Mary or Annie, or maybe even Ed are not 'in' on this office evacuation? Obviously, Ms. Ancient wasn't.

EDNurseasauras said...

Oooh! I love multiple choice!

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