Sunday, June 29, 2014

Random weekend pictures

All right, time to hit the e-mail bag of stuff you guys have sent in.

First, this was taken at an art museum in Budapest (it's actually the name of the artist being featured).

"On your right is the Sheriff Jim Clark display, and in the next hall are Ernst Z√ľndel's works"

Next, we have this. Apparently telling someone to "go pick up paper towels" at the store is no longer enough. I had no idea the world needed this many varieties. I mean, IT'S A FUCKING PAPER TOWEL!!!

7 varieties of paper towels. For this we evolved from microbes.

Then there's this massage company, who probably should have thought out their logo a bit more carefully:
"The pun sucks, too."

Speaking of interesting signs, I have no idea what this means:

"The counter lady yelled at me. Maybe they mean bitches."

The box makes it sound like they sing, dance, and perform theater:
"I'm trying to eat, and my fork keeps doing the Macarena."

Next is an ad for a group that does bio-identical hormones. The name sounds like they're all clones.

"Did you want to see Dr. Grumpy, Dr. Grumpy, or Dr. Grumpy?"

And last, I have no idea why this company couldn't come up with a better way to say "non-allergic pet food"

"Which end of Fluffy do we put it in?"


Anonymous said...

"by the each" is a fairly common expression here in Canada. It means that the price displayed is for one doughnut, even though it may be in a box with other doughnuts. In other words, the price shown is for each one.

Anonymous said...

The donuts sold by eaches - the price is per donut, regardless of how big the packet is. So, don't complain when the donut-pack-of-four listed for $1 costs $4.

I think.

Anonymous said...

Most of those different types of paper towel just look to be different quantities in each packet.

Anonymous said...

Those are technically all the same variety of paper towel, only the quantity differs from package to package. So it's not really a 'big' decision, rather one of economics and transport/storage space.

Anonymous said...

We benefit from multiple brands competing in the market place-keeps prices in check. See Venezuela, which has shortages of toilet tissue, as well as no paper towels-the people use old underwear.
The Pygmy Rattler

Anonymous said...

But those are all mass-produced paper towels! I want ARTISANAL paper towels, dammit!

Anonymous said...

Warning: may cause anal sneezing.

Anonymous said...

I have a feeling that the toilet paper shortage in Venezuela (as well as Romania), really has nothing to do with lack of variety or keeping the price 'in check'. My friend went on a mission trip to Romania and made sure to pack extra tissue in her luggage due to 'NO' toilet paper at all.

Anonymous said...

Hilarity. "ouch"

Anonymous said...

Ah yes, the AnalLergenic pet food. I laughed my @ss off when that came out. My coworkers were like "what's so funny?" and I swear all I could think was that our clients were going to come in asking for "that anal diet."

Anonymous said...

If I buy the cutlery and on opening the package find that it is actually really boring, do I get my money back?

Anonymous said...

FYI the anallergenic diet it made from hydrolyzed FEATHERS! now that's weird!

Anonymous said...

Thanks. I needed a good laugh.

Anonymous said...

Vet here - one of my clients DOES call up and ask for "that ANAL allergy diet you wanted my dogs on"

Med. Student Patty said...

I agree with gardenqueen... I got a really good laugh out of this post, and it was needed tonight. Thanks, Dr. Grumpy! :)

CatHerder said...

Wait..... if the "anallergic" diet containes hydrolyzed feathers... that's disgusting, firstly, and secondly, what if my cat is allergic to ducks or other birds? So much for being "anallergic".

Jesus Christ. We already have a word for this stuff. You don't have to invent new words for something that already exists.

RageDino said...

Dr. Grumpy failed to mention the details of the paper towels....they differ not only in quantity of rolls but in quantity of sheets on each roll. The observed sizes were:

(View by enlarging)

Shellye said...

I'm sobbing with laughter!

Anonymous said...

I'm a vet, too, and had never thought of anallergenic being taken that way! It's because I'm a dork, really: "an-" is the prefix meaning "not." So it's non-allergenic (non-allergy-inducing). As for the question about what happens if the animal is allergic to poultry: the proteins are broken down (hydrolyzed) into small enough pieces that the body won't react to them. I think the fact that they can get protein from feathers is a bit strange, but kind of cool...and no, it's not a cost-saving measure (can you imagine how many feathers it would take?!).

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