Monday, February 22, 2010

Store update

Okay, at the request of readers who have written in I've put up a few new items. I've been meaning to do this for a while, but yesterday had the time to do so while I was being held hostage at Chuck-E-Cheese (their motto: "Where a kid can be a terrorist").

One is an I HATE CALL!!! t-shirt, to which I've added some artistic culture by including that classic portrait of an on-call physician, The Scream by Edvard Munch.

The second is a shirt inspired by my popular intercourse post.

All available at the world-famous Grumpy Boutique.


DreamingTree said...

Good stuff! By the way, I've gotten many laughs from people when I use my Grumpy travel mug at the hospital. When I get cranky about the poor working conditions, people tell me to go fill up my mug. My husband had the nerve to ask if he could use it one morning. Is nothing sacred?

nRT said...

Love the T and the "The Scream" art work. I know I am being bold, but could you add your was the best. It would complete the shirt.
I Hate call on the front ,The Scream on the front and your poem on the back.
Hope you can do your magic, in between patients and call of course.
Thanks for a great blog.

Grumpy, M.D. said...

Which poem, the one about being sick on call?

nRT said...

Yeah, maybe it could be modified to get rid of the snot and phlegm but most of the verses are just how my husband (and I) feels when he's on call. Best verse is
"This fucking sucks
Regardless of the bucks
I hate being on call
That is all."

it would also be great to have your signature "I Be Grumpy"
(I know I am pushing it but I love the poem)

If you can't modify the poem, just use the T you designed with the last verse and your signature.
(I promise I will buy 4 T's)

I Hate Call

Call is not joyful,
And fun it is not
When you have to take call
With a nose full of snot.

With a throat full of phlegm
The constant clearing (ahem)
And a head full of pain
And a fuzzy clogged brain

It is so hard to round
When you want to fall to ground
Your muscles are mud
With bad bugs in your blood

And you go home to rest
But the ER knows best
And they dial your cell
So you drive back to hell

But your throat feels sore
So you're a Tylenol whore
With boogers you abhor
Give me Sudafed- MORE!

This fucking sucks
Regardless of the bucks
I hate being on call
That is all.

Lo said...

Oh, Dr. G........your rhyming is as sensational as your prose.
All I can say is Thank you for the joy.
Love, Lo

nRT said...

Dr G,
I know I am being a pest. i love the I Hate Call T with "The Scream" pic. But I love your poem w/o the sick info. could you add the last verse of your sick poem to the front of the T. and if I could be a royal PIA, could you put your infamous signature "IBGrumpy" after the last verse.

"This fucking sucks
Regardless of the bucks
I hate being on call
That is all."

Thanks In advance ,
Nancy Robbins

Grumpy, M.D. said...

Okay, nRT. Have a look.

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