Friday, February 19, 2010

Life During Wartime

I can hear children screaming. Adults trying to calm them down.
I can smell something burning in the distance.
A mass of humanity pushes and pulls aimlessly.
Starving people surround me.
Police in riot gear should be here, with tear gas and water cannons.
But no one comes to help.
I tell myself "this can't be America"
But it is.
I tell myself "this can't be my hometown"
But it is.

It's school fundraiser night at Local Buffet.


Joann said...

That really got me... LOL!!! That's funny!!!

Kat's Kats said...

How... how... how... apropos!!

Anonymous said...

The horror!

Hopalong Ginsberg

pj said...

Ah, the memory of my stepson's holiday pizza party... they had to call in U.N. peacekeepers. The horror...

Please try to remain calm. Help will be on its way soon. Watch for black choppers. Maybe it's best to get the fam hunkered down under a table to wait. And whatever you do, don't let your kids talk to anyone who says they're a missionary.

gunghonia said...

Nothing worse than a germy handsy kid too short to be stifled by the sneezeguard.

Except a whole gaggle of 'em.


DispensingPhysicianCPhT said...!

Lilorfnannie said...

That was funny- once you said the ending, it reminded me of Old Country Buffet (all-you-can-eat-place) on a Sunday afternoon after churches let out-

Mark p.s.2 said...


terri c said...

You really had me there! I was sure I'd forgotten some national holiday or battle anniversary!

CrownedwithVictory said...

Bwahahahaa! That one is so awesome you need to copyright it! I have been there and you describe it perfectly!

Sara said...

Sounds like my afternoon at Chuck E Cheese

student dr. blaze said...

i must say, some of your posts serve as an excellent form of birth control. ;-)

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