Friday, December 16, 2011

Today's featured gift

What's really enjoyable when you're sound asleep? Is "having a big hairy paw suddenly grab my face" at the top of your list? I didn't think so.

But a Japanese company is hoping that's high on somebody's list. They've developed a teddy bear sleep apnea robot.

It puts a cuddly-looking oxygen sensor on your finger, and if it hears you snoring, or detects your oxygen level dropping, it reaches up with a mechanical paw and wacks your face to make you turn your head.

Here's an informative video:

Personally, I have to say that if I was asleep and this thing grabbed my face, I'd likely shit the bed. So unless the robot is going to clean that up, too, I don't want one.


Mrs Dump - Adelaide said...

She looks a little over-dressed for sleeping!
wv is dragula - maybe that is a good name for that device?

Jess said...

My wife does a much better job, although she's probably more expensive.

(It's ironic that the verify word is "snoutter". That's exactly the sound I make when I snore.)

Solitary Diner (Also Known as The Frugalish Physician) said...

Perhaps all OSA patients should be made to use one of these so that their CPAP machines will be a pleasure in comparison.

Elli said...

It wouldn't faze my husband - he's used to being whacked on the back or rolled on his side.

What's really needed is a capnography bear - I've held my breath for 90 seconds before the numbers on a pulse-ox start to drop. Wasn't hyperventilating beforehand either.


Andy Syms said...

"Personally, I have to say that if I was asleep and this thing grabbed my face, I'd likely shit the bed."


(and +1.)

@Solitary Diner: I thought they said CRAP machine; must still have been thinking about Dr G. ;-)

ERP said...

That is hilarious. Only the Japanese would invent something weird (but theoretically useful) like that!

migrainer said...

I'll stick with my CPAP, thanks. It's not uncomfortable to sleep with, and it's never made me wake up screaming.

wv-miturica- is this supposed to make me think that the bear will make me wet the bed, rather than crap myself

Cthulhu Sashimi said...

A furry robot arm that paws you while you're lying in bed? It's probably for sleep apnea the same way that back massagers are for massaging your back and the products in head shops are "for tobacco use only."

RSDS said...

My Mom already has something like this. Her white cat often taps her face with a paw, while she is sleeping.

wv: ingsti

Mike Looney said...

I know they weren't really asleep, it was a trade show demo, but the girl never turned her head.

Technically Insane said...

I pretty much do that to my husband except my version is me jabbing him sharply in the ribs yelling at him to roll the hell over and shut the hell up. It works for about 3 minutes tops.

Anonymous said...

I have a clowder of Birman cats that share my bed, so I am well used to hairy paws, hairy tails, rough tongues and tickly whiskers in my face during the night. Not to mention love-bites to my finger or feet. I've even been woken by having a cat leap for the windowsill above my head, get thrown off by the presence of the curtain, and land on my face. So I don't think this would disturb me much.

History Doc said...

Yes, but does it make more or less noise for the partner than CPAP?

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