Sunday, December 11, 2011

Chemistry set

Okay, while I do not condone the practice of making meth, I must say that if you're inclined to do so, do it at home, or a meth house, or some private structure.

NOT by wandering around WalMart, mixing ingredients you found on the shelves.

To me the highlight of the story is that employees called police after noticing she was acting weird. Given what I've seen on my rare trips to WalMart, I'm somewhat reassured to know that they actually do have a cut-off point.

Thank you, Kimm!


bobbie said...

I figured this would show up here!
Unreal ~

Anonymous said...

She told the fireman she was trying to make meth but she wasn't very good at it LOL Only at Walmart

Mike Looney said...

She spent 6 hours wandering around a Walmart gathering chemicals.
6 hours?

A terrorist, the MythBusters, Micheal Weston or I could have made a chemical bomb that would have, at a minimum, forced a evac of the store and a need of a HazMat team to clean the place, in about 30 minutes.

Walmart security: Not Real Good

Heather said...

I love the part where it says "she wasn't very good at it". Awesome.

History Doc said...


I, a registered physician, can't buy more than 15 tabs of Claritin D because I MIGHT make meth, but you can just walk around Walmart and make it without even paying for it?


Mike Looney said...

History Doc:
It's called the shake-n-bake method. You use roughly a 2 liter bottle. Takes much less pseudoephedrine the "normal" methods, of course the amount made is way lower. However that is why "smurfing" is useful.

No, I don't make meth, I live in a state were it's the drug of choice.

Anonymous said...

Yet another reason to NEVER go to Walmart.

Packer said...

@Mike Looney---How can you live in all 50 states? Meth is exploding all over the country

Mike Looney said...

@Packer. Oklahoma, were it all started.

Vicki said...

History Doc, the lack of pseudoephedrine is, partly, why she wasn't very good at it! She couldn't get any, but she still kept trying anyway!

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