Friday, October 7, 2011

"Pssst... Hey, you wanna buy a bridge?"

Yes, it actually happened. Police in Pennsylvania are reporting that someone has stolen an entire bridge, 50' by 20'.

So, if you happen to notice that your neighbors have installed a new bridge over their pool, or see someone selling a bridge door-to-door in your neighborhood, please call police immediately.

Thank you, Webhill!


Moose said...

Ah, Pittsburgh, I miss you so. [and nearby Beaver. And Moon. and Mars, where there's a space ship in the center of town, and at Christmastime they have it pulling Santa's sleigh. I AM NOT MAKING THAT UP.]

Anonymous said...

Is that where did the bridge to nowhere went?

OMDG said...

Ah, Pennsyltucky.

spectrummom said...

I'm assuming that since they were cutting it up for over a month, no one was using it? Doncha think someone woulda noticed?

X-Ray chick said... the heck didn't anyone noticed? Or more importantly what was the purpose of stealing an entire bridge?

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