Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Chemistry of Walmart

People of Walmart + Chemistry 101 = Bad Idea.


elliott said...

One of my pharmacist friends was working in the Maryland Poison Center when this occurred.

Anonymous said...

I think the agressor should have domestic terrorism. I recall working in a convenience store while in college. I cleaned a nasty spill and icky residue left by the day crew the way my nurse mother taught me - with dilute sodium hypochlorite (bleach). It worked fine.
Then my co-worker, following the boss' instructions to "clean that s@&^ up," did not notice that the mess had been cleaned and poured household ammonia on the (Now pristine but wet with water and bleach) spot.
Small, closed space. I was seeing spots before realizing what had happened (co-worker's cries of "I just put some amnonia down!" helped)and propped open the doors and cranked the air conditioning (major security no-no).
But I prefer brething to the alternative.

bobbie said...

Seems like normal behaviour from Wal-Martians to me!!

Anonymous said...

"The problem was, with bleach and ammonia in a closed environment, they can be strong irritants to the eye and to the respiratory passages,"

Yeah, I guess you could call chlorine gas an irritant. That's why they used it in WWI, to irritate the other guys.

Anonymous said...

They don't expect that kind of behavior from their customers? After all these years of serving them, they haven't noticed the kind of person some of their customers are?!

Vicki said...

Did you notice that chemical warfare was one of the keywords in the article?

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