Saturday, October 8, 2011

Random pictures

All right, today I'm going to put up some shots you guys have sent in.

First, is an older ad for Viagra. I'm unsure if the image is inspired by the song line "Get your motor running" or the juice commercial tag-line "I could have had a V-8!".

Next, in a sign that the apocalypse is coming, the world has apparently run out of names for wine.

To send email attachments, they now sell internet shipping labels. I had no idea you needed them, and obviously I've been doing email all wrong.

And last is this fortune cookie I got recently. I can only assume it refers to the occasional vegetables I see in my practice.


X-Ray chick said...

The viagra ad is pretty funny like a "Get back your horsepower!" thing they want to say and also I am not sure I would want to drink wine that is called "WTF!!"

Grace said...

I wonder if the internet shipping labels are for sending CD's? I'm wracking my brains for any other explanation.

Animal said...

Dr. Grumpy, the white internet shipping labels are for printing postage stamps from the internet. ebay sellers use them a lot. Did you also know that USPS postage (aside from the 44cent letter) is slightly discounted if you buy online than if you went to the post office?

Mandy said...

So funny. Thanks for the laugh! I am loving your blog - it might help keep me sane for a bit longer. :)

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