Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Patient quote of the day

"Doc, I'm 77 this year. Last year I was 76. Next year I'll be 78."


ER's Mom said...

A+ in math I see.

Anonymous said...

At least some of his neurons are firing.

Deputy's Wife said...

Your services are obviously no longer needed.

Anonymous said...

Well that would be great except that, being one of your patients, I'm sure he was 47 and you asked him to do serial 7's.

webhill said...

Ha. My mom stopped by my house this afternoon. We had a conversation that went like this:

Mom: so Dad and I are thinking of going somewhere for his birthday
Me: that's cool, where?
Mom: well, I'm not sure - depends what kind of deals we can find. But you know he was 69 this year, so.
Me: Yes, you may recall I gave him a snarky card about that.
Mom: don't remind me. Anyway, so, he's going to be 70 next year.
Me: yes.
Mom: what do you mean, yes?
Me: well, yes. He is 69 this year. Therefore, he will be 70 next year. That is correct.
Mom: I know that's correct!
Me: ok, well, you paused as if you expected some response from me.
Mom: You're lucky you survived childhood young lady. And it's only because they told me you'd outgrow this.
Me: ha ha
Mom: so are you gonna open a bottle of wine or what?
Me: Sure. Oh hey guess what?
Mom: what?
Me: I just realized - the year after next, dad's gonna be SEVENTY-ONE!
Mom: give me that corkscrew right now.

Allison said...

Just to put everything in perspective. You know, if you haven't learned to count that high yet. Did they teach you that in med school?

Allison said...
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Unknown said...

Wow a sane one? Amazing

Laura said...

Probably a big fan of the "Friday" song...

Moose said...

Holy crap, Webhill, we must be related.

Sucheta Tiwari said...

Rebecca Black's family.

Anonymous said...

That must be one of the sanest patients you've got, right?

Anonymous said...

I just had this same conversation with my 4 year old! "Mum, I'm 4, I'm going to be 5 at my birthday and I was 3 at my last birthday" (not excatly, little missy).

Mind you, she also asked me what day she was born on and when I said November 28th, she said "Mum! That's the same day as my birthday!". Maybe she's related to your patient - she is adopted.

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