Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Skool Nerse time

This is Mrs. Grumpy.

Last week I had a sick 7 year old girl in my office. While she was waiting for her aunt to come get her, I was reading some reports and swearing at them.

Nurse Grumpy: "Oh, Jeez! What's does this mean?"

Daisy Mae: "NURSE GRUMPY! You shouldn't swear like that!"

Nurse Grumpy: "Huh?"

Daisy Mae: "You said part of a word you're not supposed to say!"

Nurse Grumpy: "Oh, sorry, Daisy Mae."


Daisy Mae: "Nurse Grumpy?"

Nurse Grumpy: "Yes?"

Daisy Mae: "I guess it could have been worse."

Nurse Grumpy: "I'm sure."

Daisy Mae: "I know the 'F' word."


Heidi said...

Cute! I love she called you out and then wanted to up the ante.

Anonymous said...

Bonding with teens through profanity. Nurse Grumpy you are so tricky.

Anonymous said...

I bet she was thinking of "fiddlesticks". Maybe she threw in some "H-E-double-hockey-sticks" for shock value.

Packer said...

It will cost you 20 bucks for me to say that I didn't learn it here.

Holly said...

I love 7 year olds. They're so honest.

Shellye said...

Kids really do say the funniest things!

Anonymous said...

"This episode of the new, grittier 'Sesame Street' has been brought to you by the letter 'F.' Stay tuned for 'Breaking Big Bird.'"

Rhonda said...

In my eight years of teaching first grade, I've learned...
The "d word" is "dumb".
The "s word" is "stupid" or "shut up".
The "f word" is "fart".
And the "n word" is "stupid".
Yeah, that last tattler kid wasn't so great with the alphabet.
No joke.

Anonymous said...

@Rhonda, and the "r" word is "arsehole". According to my tattler kid who's fine with the alphabet when it isn't used in words.

Anonymous said...


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