Thursday, June 27, 2013

The guilt is strong with this one

It's 4:00. A guy comes in, stands at the counter.

Mary: "Can I help you?"

Guy: "Um... Yeah, I had an appointment today at 1:00, and I got called into work, and called you at around 9:00 to cancel it."

Mary: "Yes... I see that on the schedule. Did you need to reschedule?"

Guy: "I'm not sure... I mean, you're not angry at me, are you?"

Mary: "Uh, no, these things happen."

Guy: "Okay, I've been really worried about that. Thanks!"



bluetoothbuddha said...

What? He should have come in and said, "Confiteor Deo omnipotenti,
beatæ Mariæ semper Virgini,
beato Michæli Archangelo,
beato Ioanni Baptistæ,
sanctis Apostolis Petro et Paulo,
omnibus Sanctis, et vobis, fratres (et tibi pater),
quia peccavi
nimis cogitatione, verbo et opere:
mea culpa,
mea culpa,
mea maxima culpa."


Anonymous said...

wow, polar opposite your usual patients. he's a keeper .

Brittles15 said...

Send him a letter that says You're being fired for canceling your appointment. He'd probably have a nervous breakdown.

Anonymous said...

On an unrelated note, Dr. G, someone is advertising "model quality Thai girls" at "" on your website.


Grumpy, M.D. said...

Hmmm. Makes me wonder what "lalataw" REALLY means.

Anonymous said...

Is Guilt Guy married to Mrs. Batter? You know, the one who phoned you at 2:17 am because she felt badly about missing your presentation?

Library-Gryffon said...

Re Anon @7:15 6/27

I get ads for ModCloth. They seem to be tailored by Google/AdSense/whoever to where you (or others who use your computer) visit.

Packer said...

3 things, Lalaraw not taw.
How come I see no Thai Model Quality Come on ? All I get is prostate treatment plans.
In addition to life coaching I offer assertive training .
Hey Buddy, first lesson Shit Happens.,d.dmg

Your Doctor's Wife said...

I wish my husband had patients with that type of conscience!
BTW... I see ads for American Airlines and DishTV. Someone needs to tell Anonymous Google tailors the ads to the types of websites which you've visited on that computer. That's the type of 411 you want to keep to yourself! Yikes.

Mary said...

Nice guy. Betting a little ativan would help him at times!

The adds I see are for Lowe's appliances (my stove needs replaced), Galaxy S4 (I have the S3) and for Exedrin Migraine. I have frequent migraines. You and Google are so thoughtful about my needs!

lbparker said...

Oh dear. The poor man must have had a really bad day at work. . .

Anonymous said...

I am seeing ads for nursing scrubs. Which is better than the ads I see on Facebook. On Facebook I keep seeing ads for funeral services and cremation, which is really freaking me out...does Facebook know something I don't?

Anonymous said...

Awww, what a sweetie. Be nice to him.

Anonymous said...

No ads for me - Adblock and Google Chrome for the win!

Andy Syms said...

@Anonymous 21:05: No ads here either - Adblock works equally well in Firefox. :-)

Anonymous said...

Dr.G: Some places have a sign saying that they charge $$ for not giving at least 24 hours notice on cancellations. My new dentist requires 48 hours. It's pretty rare to not be given grief for a same-day cancelation.

@bluetoothbuddha: awesome!

Ads - only some are targeted. The sporting goods supply ad that I see obviously picked up on my searches for track & field hurdles and discuses (disci?). Nursing scrubs because this is a medblog - makes sense. The credit card companies - not so much - they need significantly better specs if anything I did online makes them believe that I'm in their target audience.

Eye Doc said...

Hahahaha. If only all the others were like this, eh? Actually, I'm not sure... Which is worse, carelessness or awkwardness? Ah, life...

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