Monday, June 17, 2013

Never a dull moment

On Friday we had an unusually exciting afternoon.

A sweet octogenarian waiting for her appointment suddenly developed chest pain and shortness of breath in the lobby.

Mary, knowing how good Pissy and I are at handling REAL medical emergencies, immediately called 911. I'd run over to the hospital for a minute, and so the staff got him to check her blood pressure and hold her hand until paramedics arrived.

By the time I returned paramedics were loading her onto a stretcher to go to ER.

She immediately grabbed my hand and said "Dr. Grumpy, I'm so glad to see you. Before I leave could you get me more samples of Nomohurtz? It seems to be helping."


Anonymous said...

The lady surely had already made her co-pay. So some samples should be the least she'd get out of this visit to your office.

Anonymous said...

Let the pharm rep know,

she may have career in their marketing that will cover medicare donut hole on her other meds....

Officer Cynical said...

You know, you're totally wasting that helicopter landing pad on the roof.

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