Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Don't ask

Dr. Grumpy: "What was your last hemoglobin A1c?"

Mr. Insulin: "7.1."

Lady Insulin: "Was it? I thought it was 8.2?"

Mr. Insulin: "No, Dr. Endocrine said it was 7.1 at my appointment last week."

Lady Insulin: "That was my appointment. Yours was in March."

Mr. Insulin: "I thought your A1c was 7.9 in March?"

Lady Insulin: "No, that was your appointment."

Mr. Insulin: "Mine was 7.1. You put it in your phone."

Lady Insulin: "I thought you put it in your phone?"

Mr. Insulin: "Why would I put yours in my phone?"

Lady Insulin: (takes out a phone) "Whose phone is this, anyway?"

Mr. Insulin: "I think the 8.2 was Sylvia's. She mentioned it at dinner last night."

Lady Insulin: "Dr. Grumpy, can you call Dr. Endocrine for us?"


Anonymous said...

were you wearing a shirt with stripes this day??

Packer said...

Oh, nevermind the numbers are close enough for government work

Anonymous said...

ehhh-7.1 or 8.2. Dr. Endocrine is dealing with it. If you're like most specialized yak herders, novalog and humalog are just something thrown on the fire to keep warm while driving those yaks to the summer grazing grounds

Anonymous said...

and here i though smart phones would solve all our problems.

Your Doctor's Wife said...

So. You met my parents.

Jonah said...

Sounds to me like the missus is confused and Mr. Insulin probably does know his own A1c.

Anonymous said...

Who's on first?

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