Sunday, February 24, 2013

Sunday reruns

This picture was featured in a mailing I received. It's for a CME program on Parkinson's disease. It is, I swear, a DVD of 4 neurologists arguing. Yeah, because I'm just dying to watch that.

The distinguished faculty in the picture are named as (left to right) Drs. Sethi, Obeso, Olanow, and Stern.

Believe it or not, this is about as exciting as a party of neurologists gets. They sit around and discuss Parkinson's disease and other invigorating topics. And people wonder why I'm in solo practice.

I'm not convinced that's water in their glasses, either. Vodka, maybe.

Obviously, the star of the picture is Dr. Olanow. He looks like he's one step away from wearing a lampshade on his head. I'd like to think he's talking about his windsurfing trip over the summer, and how he accidentally ended up starring in an Absolut vodka commercial with the Sports Illustrated swimsuit models. More likely, though, he really is talking about Parkinson's disease. Only a neurologist can look so happy while talking about something that would scare everyone else away.

Let's try to guess what they're thinking:

Dr. Sethi: "Wow. Olanow has had too many already. He always gets the spotlight, and the hot drug reps. And what the hell did he do with my tie? As soon as I walked in he asked to borrow my tie because he forgot his, and now he isn't even wearing it. I have to remember to get the phone number for that Absolut girl who keeps refilling our glasses. I hope she saw that I drive a Porsche."

Dr. Obeso: "I have noooooo idea what they put in the vodka. I've only had 2 so far. I'm not touching it again. Holy crap, I hope I don't puke at the table. Olanow would never let me live that down. He'd probably show slides of it at next year's academy meetings. How come I'm the only one here who's wearing a tie?"

Dr. Olanow: "Man! Thish party is great! I better hit up Stern for cab fair back to the hotel, because I spent the travel stipend on the keg party last night. I hope nobody notices the tie I took from Sethi is missing. I gave it to that hot drug rep after writing my hotel room on it with her lipstick."

Dr. Stern: "I have to pee, and Olanow won't STFU. Maybe if I cross my legs. I didn't even see a bathroom when we came in. Maybe there isn't one. What do I do then? What the hell is he even talking about, anyway? Why does he need to borrow $20? He still hasn't paid me back from the last meeting. At least I have a good chance of getting laid tonight, because that sizzling drug rep gave me a tie with a room number written on it in lipstick."


Anonymous said...

these are neuros. i don't see any bow ties.

Anonymous said...

It looks like Obeso and Stern are going to be heading up to one of their hotel rooms together soon, and Olanow is that guy who's too oblivious to realize that he's being a third wheel. Which is too bad, because it looks like he might have a pretty good chance with Sethi.

footie said...

Smoking hot drug rep: "OMG! Even after all that vodka these guys are still as boring as s***. Right down to the obligatory Porsches. Don't want to think what they're compensation for! At least they've mostly ditched the bow ties. Lets hope they don't puke all over table. We'd have to reuse the tapes from last year. Stern looks like he's gone into acute retention. And not a urologist in the house. Should have given the tie to one of the others. Wish they'd all just STFU so I can get out of here and go home. Don't want to miss Downton Abbey."

Frantic Pharmacist said...

There's nothing worse that tuning in to some CE video that begins with 4 guys sittin' around a table. Some cocktails would definitely spice things up.

Ms. Donna said...

So, where is the smoking hot (male) drug rep? You finally got my interest!
BTW, I do know some young smiking hot females, who were not impressed w/ Porches. They married computer nerds (nanyah nanyah!) and both drive Priuses now, causing teenaged males in the area to want Priuses too.

BobF said...

Well, I'm thinking plain Vodka, no matter how classy, just doesn't cut it for that picture. Surely there's some powdery stuff in there. You know, access and all...

RehabRN said...

Yes, Grumpy, I agree, it's not a good neuro conversation without a bow tie.

The real fight is among the MS neuros. They fight in bars all the time.

Aeris said...

You're thinking neuropathologists. Seriously, I've never seen one without a bow tie. It's like a trademark.

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