Sunday, February 10, 2013

Random Sunday pictures

First, we have this pen. Doesn't say if it needs batteries.

Next, in the same theme, we have this picture. Taken in Philadelphia ("The City of Brotherly Love") this was found drawn on somebody's car hood following yesterday's blizzard.

For those of you who can't handle Diet Coke, tea, or coffee to perk up, you can now shower with caffeinated soap.*

*I should note that its efficacy is likely dubious. Transdermal absorption of caffeine generally requires it being held in place for several hours, and even then you'll only get a small amount.

Here's this place, which bans cardiovascular systems, or cardiologists, or something.

Sheesh. So much for coming here for Valentine's Day.

And last, I think we could all use a lesson from Bert: There are some neighborhoods that are best avoided.

"That's the last time I go pigeon watching after dark in south Sesame."


Moose said...

There used to be a construction company called Dick Construction. Until they moved a few years back, they were located just outside of Pittsburgh, in a township called Large.

That's right, they were the Large Dick Construction company.

Meanwhile, way back in the early days of companies providing Internet/Web access to employees, a friend went searching for some sporting goods online. He then started to panic, as his company logged where people browsed.

He had found out the hard way (no pun intended) that the website for Dick's Sporting Goods is not "".

Nothing happened to him (probably because his next hit was to, but we did laugh about it for a while. Wait, no. We still do.

Anonymous said...

The heart with the line through it means "No PDAs" (Public Displays of Affection)

Anonymous said...

Just a pen? They have a whole website - On the other side of things, I can think of at least one American surname which German speakers find amusing - Ficken.

Anonymous said...

no triple dip ice cream cones??

Ivan Ilyich said...

The heart is likely a "no pacemakers" sign, but they left out part of the graphic.

Ole Phat Stu said...

Nonsense, Anon, the museum bans pacemakers because some of the exhibits have strong magnetic fields.

Ami said...

I want a supply of those pens to hand out. I have a list of people who should definitely have one.

When I lived in Montrose, Colorado, there was a company there named the Stiff Erection Company.

It was long before caller ID, and my friends and I often amused ourselves by calling the company and asking for them to, "Send one over, right away!"

Li'l Azathoth said...

No taking your dog out for coffee and ice cream in the beautiful and romantic city of Bruges, having one thing lead to another, and then enjoying a post-coital cigarette?

Packer said...

The windshield picture is a Vulvadovynian bagpipe it is not what you think.

There seems to be a trend for people named Richard who insist on being called Richard, Why is that ?
I am glad my name is John, no one can make a joke about that.

Thank goodness there was some amusing stuff on Grumpy today. Cause the weather really sucks for a Monday in mid winter.

Hildy said...

Packer: my friend John has a whole comedy routine that he launches into if anyone innocently says anything about needing the "john." Who says you can't make a joke of your name?

Eileen said...

"Friedr. DICK is since 1778 a manufacturer of knives, tools, files and rasps"
Doesn't leave a lot to say does it?

Anonymous said...

Saw this today.... Google the corporate headquarters of the Viagra manufacturer in Canada (if it's true) and ask for a photo. The photos of their shrubs are really funny.

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