Saturday, January 14, 2012

Random Saturday pictures

First, in case you've forgotten the obscene kiwi fruit, we have this tomato:

Next we have a store computer showing the blue screen of death, which is generally NOT a selling point:

A reader sent in this coupon for a "fluid exchange". He commented that "if it didn't show a picture of a car, I'd wonder what they were selling with that headline."

Having the place named "BJ's" probably doesn't help, either.

And, lastly, for those of you trying to lose weight for New Year's, keep in mind that there are always alternatives to diet and exercise.


Anonymous said...

You know, I've been trying to come up with a "safe", "clean" and easy weightloss could I have forgotten tapeworms!??

Anonymous said...

I remember my mom telling me that in the 1950's, people took diet pills that actually contained tape worms. Whatever works for you, I say!

Anonymous said...

As a tomAto grower.. I guess I should start sending you pictures, because I have raised much weirder ones than that.

History Doc said...

One does wonder what "sanitized tape worms" actually means, given that the word generally refers to absence of infectious agents.

Nurse Kitty said...

Tapeworms! Much cheaper the HCG shots whats was I thinking!!

Elmo said...

Its the Norwegian blue screen of death!

RehabNurse said...


Besides weight loss, some worms (aka helminths) can cause reduced incidences of allergies.

I almost fell over when I read that, but my allergist confirmed it was an interesting, but true thing researchers have noticed in the developing world.

So, you see, worms might not be so bad at all (if you get the right ones...will pass on tapeworms, though.)

Hawkie said...

Tapeworms! Effective and don't cause jitters!
So Doc, have you ever had someone come in begging/screaming for a certain medication? Either because it is a legit request, or more likely, they saw it on the TV.
Speaking of wonderful medical knowledge from the TV- did you know that connected to our muscles are nerves? WHEN DID THIS HAPPEN! Why did no one tell me of this amazing discovery?!? (I always make fun of that commercial, even if no one is in the room to hear.)

Hawkie said...


Actually it is parasites in general. The studies show that in 3rd world countries, where parasites are more prevalent, there are few incidents of allergies. It is called the Hygiene Theory. Basically the idea is that your Mast cells, which are supposed to fight parasites, get bored if there are no parasites and start reacting to every day things.
I like to call it the "Let you kids play in the mud" theory. It is pretty cool.

Anonymous said...

When they advertise tapeworms with 'no ill effects' I presume they don't consider having tapeworm segments come out of your bottom and wander about the bed at night to be an 'ill effect'!
Also, if you have a tapeworm for too long (~ 12 years, IIRC) you will develop Pernicious Anemia.

Anonymous said...

I´m not surprised with the the ´blue screen of death´. It´s a dell. Dells suck in general. Don´t get one.

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