Monday, January 30, 2012


My Dad recently converted a bunch of 1950's home movies of he and my mom to digital, and I was showing them to the kids last night.

Marie watched silently for a few minutes, then said: "That's not grandma. That lady has black hair. Grandma's is gray."


Anonymous said...

Did you tell her the bad news about what will happen to her own hair after 80 years?

Anonymous said...

grandpa's hair is not gray yet?

Anonymous said...

Okay, what's even sadder is my good friend's husband was dying of Alzheimer's day by day, and he'd look at her across from the dinner table and ask her what she'd done with his wife, the woman in the photo of their 50th wedding anniversary.

P.S. Don't know the grammar of it, but 'he and my mom' sounds awkward, but 'him and mum' doesn't sound right either.

clairesmum said...

my sister's first comment on seeing some old family movies was "it's dad, with hair!" we all roared, but dad (of the gleaming pate and pathetic combover) was not amused.

Grammar National Socialist said...

@Anonymous 12:58 -- That would be "himself and my mom," und so weiter.

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