Monday, March 28, 2011

Mary's desk, March 28, 2011

Guy walks in, stands at front desk.

Mary: "Hi, can I help you?"

Mr. Lost: "Yes. I'm looking for Susan Stemi."

Mary: "Hmm, I don't see her on our schedule, or Dr. Pissy's... Where is her appointment at?"

Mr. Lost: "She doesn't have an appointment. She's a patient here."

Mary: "Well, she's not here, and..."

Mr. Lost: "Your phone operator said she was here, room 647, on the cardiac floor. Isn't this the 6th floor?"

Mary: "Yes, but, sir, you must be looking for a hospital room. Local Hospital is about 2 blocks down the street. You need to go east on 23rd avenue and..."

Mr. Lost: "WAIT! When did you move her to another floor?"

Mary: "We didn't. She's on the 6th floor of the hospital down the street. This is the 6th floor of an office building."

Mr. Lost: "Then why did your operators lie to me?!!! After I find her I'm going to complain to a supervisor!"

(walks out)


kate said...

Our office is located on the first floor of a hospital. When you come in the front door, you're on the ground floor and have to go up to get to one...can I tell you how much confusion/anger that tends to cause?! People stop at the Information Desk on the ground floor to ask where something is and after being told that it's on the second floor, will come screaming in to my office because they can't find it.

"They told me it's on the second floor!! Why are they lying to me!!"

"It IS on the second floor. You're not."

krystina said...

OMW! Can people not tell the difference between a hospital and an office building? I gave our Mr. Losts a shadow of a doubt because we have a medical arts building connects to the hospital, but clearly he entered a floor with hospital rooms, NOT offices. thankfully, when I moved to ICU, I got out of giving directions because were one locked unit, but I still get people looking for someone who's on the third floor. No clue what room, but I guess the long hallway to a locked door looked more promising than an open, short hallway with lots of people walking around. Sometimes I can't believe people are so dumb, then I meet another one.

rnraquel said...

The hospital must have moved. Those wacky hospitals!

Anonymous said...

Another argument for drug courts.

Anonymous said...

"But since I'm here anyway, can I interest you in some drug samples and pamphlets?"

lbparker said...

Another example of why I'm glad to do the paperwork, but I NEVER want to be the receptionist. Mary has the patience of a saint.

Anonymous said...

Off topic Grumpy, but here's another SCINTILLATING new discovery for you :

The Mother said...

I read on your website that your doc is an expert in diagnosing "universally fatal disease x."


I'm sending my medical records. I think I might have it.

Anonymous said...

Are you sure it wasn't Susan Non-Stemi and that's why she was nonexistent?

Carpet Cleaning NYC said...

Another example of why I'm glad to do the paperwork, but I NEVER want to be the receptionist. Mary has the patience of a saint.

terri c said...

Well. All righty then.

Mr and Mrs Stemi must be regulars over at the office where Front Desk Nothing works. You know, some of the regulars that scream about their appointments having been changed, when they show up on the wrong day.

Anonymous said...

You need a bouncer, not a receptionist.

Kat's Kats said...

@terri c ::shudder:: I have to admit to showing up at a few appointments on the wrong day. This is partly due to the fact that the calendar in the dayrunner starts on a Monday as opposed to Sunday (first day of the week in my head). With the fibro/chronic pain/Dopomax... ummm... I mean Topomax in addition to being unable to work days sometimes become... same? What day is it??

However I never ever scream. That would be extremely impolite. The proper course of action is to hit oneself on the forehead with one's palm, say "Not again!!" and A) apologize if one has missed the appointment and reschedule or B) tell the staff to have a nice day and tell them you'll see them on X. Geez Louise!

Ben S said...

Kate: Sounds European.

Anonymous said...

You can't fix stupid

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