Thursday, March 31, 2011

Family dinner table

Today some WWII veterans came to Wingnut Elementary School to talk to the kids.

Dr. Grumpy: "How'd the meeting with the veterans go, Frank?"

Frank: "Fine. But I'm not sure they were really soldiers."

Dr. Grumpy: "Why do you say that?"

Frank: "They were really old. The ones that you see on the news are young."

Dr. Grumpy: "Well, they were soldiers, and young, once."

Frank: "Well, they're old now. It's not a bad thing though, because, I mean, you look old, too."


Moose said...

Oh, Dr G, I'm sure that makes you feel decrepit, but try to remember waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay back when, when you were a kid. You were once, too. I promise you.

I remember, as a kid, thinking that when the year 2000 rolled around I'd be ANCIENT! I'd be in my THIRTIES!

And when people ask why I don't dye my gray hairs, I tell them I'm not going gray, I'm going blonde. It explains how I get more and more ditzier. :-)

When you're a little kid, 29 seems one step close to the grave. Remember Logan's Run. I dunno about you, but my lifeclock ran out years ago. I'll be 47 this summer.

Anonymous said...

Welcome to the club.

donna said...

My condolences Dr. Grumpy! I too,
as we all have, when the fruits of
love, call you OLD!! BTW: Just so
you know, I tried, can't return them.

Anonymous said...

Did that statement burn a little!?
Kids say the darn'dest things.

hyperCRYPTICal said...

Out of the mouth of babes!

Anna :o]

Not House said...

It's okay, you still have the leverage of embarrassing baby photos and stores, so I'd say that evens out.

Packer said...

Tell Frank to read your blog, he will know why you look old beyond your years.

Think about this Vietnam vets are now 70 yo, amazing that WWII vets can still make it to talk to kids.

ndenunz said...

Try getting mistaken for your children's grandfather. That will make you feel old.

The Mother said...

My kids remind me regularly that I'm OLD. Very, very old.

But my hip is reminding me of that, too, these days.

Anonymous said...

If you have any interest at all in science fiction, check out "Old Man's War" by John Scalzi. Those veterans Frank met are just the right age to get back in the saddle! Seriously, it's a great story, well-written, and really does deal with old soldiers.


Ben S said...

You mean your avatar picture isn't really you? o.o

RehabRN said...

Yes, we get that question about age all the time at the Hotel, since we don't attract younger veterans (who may have just served in Iraq or Afghanistan). Most of our people are Korea, Vietnam and the good old (yes, getting there) Cold War warriors like the one at my house (Dahey). Even they're getting up there (50+)

I always tell the newbies, "Y'all gotta check out polytrauma for all the young kiddies. That would require you go to a center (which we're not) far away."

Anonymous said...

Yak herding in Mongolia will do that to you.

Texas Pharmacy Chica said...

Moose; I've got Logan's Run on DVD. Movie night?

WWII vets are cool. My local dude once tried to pick up one of my coworkers and when some imbecile in her 50's with a cauliflower perm complains the phone refills systems are too complicated for her to use, I point out we got WWII vets who use it without issue.

cliffintokyo said...

At least you only LOOK old, according to Charm School Graduate (NOT)....its how you FEEL that counts!
Pretty good I would say, judging from your continuing immensely enjoyable posts.
BTW, I am a fan, (just in case you didn't notice!!!)
Love those BBC penguins; agree - best-of-the-best for Apr 1.
Keep on Grumping.

Anonymous said...

Seriously? Nobody picked up on the "We Were Soldiers" reference? I'm surprised.

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