Sunday, March 6, 2011

Attention drunk drivers!

If you need a ride home desperately enough to steal (and operate) someone else's car, YOU SHOULD not take one that stands out in a crowd.

Like this guy.

Thank you, Carol!


The Nerdy Nurse said...

That's pretty funny. It's even funnier that that's where my husband is from and grew up.

He says sounds about right to him.

FYI: that HAZZARD is the same of the Duke's of Hazzard. So we could always attribute it to "just some good ol boys".

terri c said...

Um, yeah, bad choice. There was a case like this near where I live in the last couple years. I think if you're drunk enough to consider stealing an ambulance you're waaaaayyy too drunk to drive!

Anonymous said...

Some people just shouldn't get drunk.

Sarah Glenn said...

Yes, KY is frequently in the news for something dumb like this... that's why we thank God for Florida, a state that has its own section on .

Anonymous said...

I prefer the "Vampire Teens" as our state's 'spokesmodels' myself. It keeps most of the yankees out that want to turn it into a suburb of NY/Philly/Boston.

The Mother said...

Hubby has learned first hand how the flashy car collects attention. His mid-life crisis car got him more speeding tickets in the three years he owned it than he had ever had in his entire life. Made him trade it in for a model which COULD seat four children.

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