Thursday, December 24, 2009

Healthy Living

Okay, my office is closed today, but I'm working at home, doing some marketing reviews online.

One company had me watch a television commercial in development for a new Parkinson's Disease treatment, which featured patients explaining how the disease interfered with their ability to do things they enjoyed.

One of them, I swear, was a lady explaining how, because of her Parkinson's Disease, she'd had to stop smoking, and showed a "before" clip of her trying to light a cigarette with her hand shaking all over.

Then she went on about how with new drug ParkieMiracle her coordination had improved so that SHE'D BEEN ABLE TO START SMOKING AGAIN, and showed her happily puffing away.

This ad agency really needs to be fired, or find some better examples.


Christine said...

I think the ad agency is genius. Do you know how many people this will sell?

The Good Cook said...

Pretty amazing huh? Imagine being too sick to smoke?? OMG.. What next? Too sick to do recreational drugs?

Me said...

Wow, life is stranger than fiction. However, I wouldn't mind hiring that ad agency if they are that creative.

Anonymous said...

Wow, just wow. I hope that clip never see's the airwaves, satellite or cable tv.

Danimal said...

If I had Parkinsons, that drug would be a great help with my public masturbation hobby!

J-Quell'n said...


Just thought I would tell you...I am in the middle of a Oklahoma no less! Merry Christmas!

ACZ said...

As an MD (you, that is), I applaud your anti-smoking stance. I don't think there is a person alive who is not aware of the negative health consequences of cigarette smoking.

HOWEVER, having watched my father decline and degenerate for 25 years and lose the ability to do just about god-damned near anything and everything (including sitting in a fucking recliner because he would slide out)due to the delightful horror-show known as Parkinson's
Disease, I say that if there is a drug that allows PD patients to indulge themselves in something that gives them pleasure, and yes, choir, believe it or not, smoker's do get PLEASURE from smoking, then more power to them.

If my father were still alive and he wanted to smoke (whether it be cigarettes, cigars, pot, opium, or heroin - none of which he indulged in, by the way) I would want him to get this new drug and I would personally go out and get him whatever he wanted to smoke.

Because, those Parkinson's drugs are SOOOOOO effective and wonderful and quality of life-enriching (ha ha and fucking ha!)

To Danimal - sorry, but the Parkinson's drugs and or disease will still leave you with the limp dick blues, so your public masturbation career would be at an end if you are "blessed" with PD.

Touch a nerve? You bet your ass you did.

Anonymous said...

I think they do this on purpose to ensure that your feedback on other commercials is valid and not just "A+++ great commercial would watch again"

ttpharmd said...

At least they didn't show an elderly man having difficulty inserting his MUSE (intraurethral alprostadil). :)

terri c said...

Hey Dr. Grumpy no comment on the commercial, just a thanks for excellent reading and a wish for the entire Grumpy household and the Grumpy practice for a good holiday season. Someone I know is a mortuary transport driver and their company just got a contract with a big city's medical examiner office. Speaking of stories... anyhow, those folks will pick up your patients when they win their Darwin awards!

Chris said...

"I tried to kill myself 15 times, but I couldn't hold the gun steady. Thanks to ParkieMiracle, I'm now optimistic about my chances to off myself. Thanks, ParkieMiracle!"

" I can hold the syringe nice and steady as I shoot my veins full of heroin..."

Amazing, Dr. G.

Have a great Christmas!

GB, RN said...

She may have not been able to smoke, but I'm sure her sex life picked up. Perhaps you should pitch that suggestion to Bob's Ad Agency.

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