Saturday, November 5, 2011

Sports memories

Since the overpaid crybabies of the NBA have decided to indefinitely postpone their season, I thought I'd bring you a summary of my athletic career. Which I didn't get paid for at all.

In the mid-80's my college roommate suckered me into playing for the Catholic Newman Center's intramural basketball team at BSU. This was because he couldn't find a 5th Catholic guy willing to play. So I was a ringer.

None of us had any reasonable basketball experience, and had never even met before the first game. In spite of this, we put together an impressive record during the 5 game season:

Game 1: Lost, 83-10 (a record that I'm told still stands at BSU).

Game 2: Lost, 75-15 (obviously, we were improving on both offense and defense).

Game 3: Forfeited, because we only had 4 guys show up.

Game 4: Forfeited, because we only had 3 guys show up.

Game 5: Disqualified because we'd forfeited 2 previous games.

And that was our season.


thethingspatientssay said...

That roughly mirrors the 2007-2008 Miami Heat season.

mostly cajun said...

Now that's a sports program i can believe in...


Chivas said...

Oh I can beat that. My HS basketball team once lost a game by 100 points. In fact once the other team was ahead by 100 points, the refs mercifully called the game. Apparently there is a 100-point rule, which my team called the mercy rule. Good times.

watercolordaisy said...

LOL! Awesome! I played on the School of Architecture women's intramural basketball team in college without ever playing before. We were terrible. But we showed up! Every time! Any excuse to get out of studio!

We won the league!!

We actually played one game! Which we lost!

All other games were forfeited to us because the other teams didn't have enough players show up.

Our record was 10-1 or something. Was awesome! The sorority teams were ticked off. ha! Our trophy is still on display in the SArc building. :)

Anonymous said...

Certainly a record that will never be beat; way to go!

Would BSU happen to be Bull Shit University, Big School University or the ever so populuar; Ball State University located in Muncie Indiana (I know that's not it) but it was BSU!

Polly said...

And you went into medicine!?!?!

Liz said...

The grad students always win the intramural sports tournaments, anyways. :P

Packer said...

At least your car has a BSU Alumni bumper sticker, not the embarassing "We Are Penn State"

Anonymous said...

Boise State University

Go Broncos!!

Anonymous said...

This HAS to be said before this weekend.


Vicki said...

I was on the junior high girls' basketball team in 6th grade, and we had a perfect record! 0 and 12! We even lost against a school who could only field 4 players! My coach LIVED on Tums that year!

Come to think of it, in softball we also had a perfect record the first year we had a team. My mom likes to relate how in one instant, the ball came towards one girl in the outfield just as her cap fell off.

She went to retrieve the cap!

Home run for the other team!

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