Saturday, November 26, 2011

The night

It was the late 80's, at Big State University.

As best I remember, it was a pretty ordinary day. I'd had a few medical school interviews the week before, and was trying to catch up on stuff now. I was taking a jazz class, which required me to listen to several hours of records during the semester. So I spent a big chunk of the afternoon in the music library.

I remember it was late, around 6, when I finally finished. I owed my roommate beer, and so I stopped at a store, then headed back to the apartment.

When I finally got home my roommate was at his desk. He was in architecture, and was always working on something. I walked in and said hi. He said "your Dad called, asked you to call him back", and was back to his work.

I began putting the beer in the fridge, and called home. My Dad answered, and when I said "Hi" he paused and then said "Ibee Grumpy, your life has changed forever."

I'd been accepted to medical school.

It's hard to remember all the feelings that went through me. Relief, happiness, nervousness, and an overwhelming gratitude that I'd remembered to buy beer that night. It wasn't great beer, but hell, it was still beer.

I'd tried to get in the year before. Applied to 18 schools, got 2 interviews, accepted to none.

This year I'd applied to, I think 25 or so schools. I got interviews at 10-15, and spent a lot of time flying all over the country. I'd even applied to law school as a back-up (got in, too).

I don't remember much about the rest of the school year. My grades took a dive, since I only cared about passing now. I went to more parties. Baseball games were free at my school, so I went to them, too. One involved me sitting through a record downpour with maybe 10 other fans until they called the game in the 5th.

It's been a helluva ride.


Vixelle said...

I will always remember when I found out that I got into medical school. Ironically, it was on my birthday and was the best birthday present I could ask for.

Mr Mobius said...

I remember when I got into Medical school. It's just under five years ago now. I still remember the first day.

Those past 5 years have been quite a journey. Now I stand on the precipice of Final exams on Monday.

It's been memorable. Hopefully so have the diseases.

P.S. Any tips on popular topics in neurology atm?

SuFu PhD said...

please tell me you were fully clad in acid washed denim with a mullet when you got the call.

Thatgirl said...

That sounds like a good memory :-) Glad you kept applying and got in.

Solitary Diner (Also Known as The Frugalish Physician) said...

I remember being quite ambivalent when I got my acceptance. I think my first thought was "Guess I'm stuck now."

Glad I did it in the end, though.

Family Aerospace said...

You're making me feel better. I applied this year (there is no love) and it looks like I will be reapplying assuming my MCAT ever increases.

Anonymous said...

I don't know you, but you sound like a good doctor. Sad that it took so many applications and interviews for you to get accepted. Do you think it should be this hard?

Amanda said...

"It's hard to remember all the feelings that went through me. Relief, happiness, nervousness, and an overwhelming gratitude that I'd remembered to buy beer that night. It wasn't great beer, but hell, it was still beer."

This line? Was pure art. And had me laughing so loud the kids looked up.

Well done, Doctor Grumpy :)

bryce.schroeder said...

My acceptance just came a couple weeks ago. For me, relief was also the main emotion: the application process is just that unpleasant (and expensive). I'm so grateful I didn't have to go through it for a second time. Anyone who is willing to reapply, knowing what the process is actually like, must really and truly want to be a physician.

Law school, eh? Now I'm imagining a bizarre parallel universe where this blog is "I. B. Grumpy, Esq," or perhaps "Hon. Judge Grumpy." You probably made the right call, judges don't get to hit the people with their hammers.

a.generic doc said...

And had you not gotten that letter, we'd all be reading a blog called, "Lawyer Grumpy In The Court"

Anonymous said...

That would make a great ad for whatever brand of beer you bought.

bryce.schroeder said...

"Drink this beer and you will get into medical school!" is probably not much more deceitful than the usual beer commercial message, "Drink this beer and hot chicks in bikinis will dance on your lawn."

The Zoe said...

You have inspired me to write up my own acceptance story. Before now it's something I've only told close friends, because it is perfectly embarrassing - and thus hilarious.

Thanks, Dr. Grumpy!

RehabRN said...

Yes, some things just stick in the brain, and they don't have to be "where were you when they shot JFK" (not even a twinkle BTW).

I received my letter that I was accepted to nursing school on November 7, 2005, just weeks after I'd started a new job.

"What am I gonna do? I just got this job?" I said.

My husband, the arbiter of common sense simply replied, "Send them the check and start in May, like the letter says."

And here I am today, a rehab RN. Everything in my life led up to that moment, and everything I do leads to something else.

At least destiny's been pretty darned interesting the last few years. Wouldn't trade it for anything. Not always sweet and happy--plenty of bitter thrown in--but it's been something.

Darn I'm one lucky woman!

Anonymous said...

So is that almost half your life spent in the medical field???

ERP said...

I remember when I got my letter. It was pretty late in the evening and I opened my mail by myself - expecting another rejection. Once I saw I was accepted, it was (with maybe two or three other times in my life) the happiest I ever felt (it had taken my three years to get it). I promptly went out by myself to the closest bar and got shit housed and played darts - and I won three games of cricket in a row.

Anonymous said...

I was wading through some old files of my deceased dad's this past black friday (since the office was closed), and found my Medical school acceptance letter (1980).

Anonymous said...

Geeez, I only have a BA and have no intention of ever going back to school for anything higher. All you people who were accepted into medical school are making me feel like a slacker! :0

studentonajourney said...

I just had my second med school interview today, one more to go from 9 applications. Today didn't go to well.... but I'm hopeful I'll be feeling the same relief and joy you did soon enough!

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