Monday, November 8, 2010


All right. Let's say you want to commit an armed robbery.

Before mugging someone would you consider it a good idea to fill out a detailed job application at the crime scene?

If you said "yes", then congratulations. You made Dr. Grumpy's blog.

Here's the article. And thank you, Shannon, for sending this in.


Anonymous said...

Contemplating the infinite stupidity of this guy gave me a raging headache. MTV and VH1 does this to 18 year old kids, parents be warned.

Cartoon Characters said...

I actually worked in a department store HR part time as store nurse (hospital the rest of the time) and the kid that broke into my car and did major damage removing my stereo system in the hospital parking lot at night - came in soon after and submitted his resume. I am sure he recognized me since I attended his "trial" as a witness since I saw him do the B&E from the window of our Surgical unit(he was a minor at the time). I am all for second chances....but I have to admit that I stamped that one DON'T HIRE and put it in the resume file.

Mugdha said...

Well, since he committed the robbery after, at least he could honestly fill out "no criminal record" on his application.

stargirl65 said...

Did he get the job at Subway?

Anonymous said...

i think maybe he was more of a moron for committing the offense rather than applying for the job.

The Mother said...

Reminds me of the Thieve's Guild in Discworld. I think that's a marvelous plan.

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