Monday, November 15, 2010

More great crooks

Okay, here's another tip for you budding criminals out there:

If you're planning on robbing a pharmacy (or pretty much anything) you should generally pick a getaway car that DOES NOT have your name on the license plate.

Unlike this bozo.

Thank you, Rebecca, for sending this in.


The Plaid Cow said...

New Hampshire, per capita, has the highest number of vanity license plates in the US. I still miss my "SUBMRNE" plate for my bright yellow Escape.

Anonymous said...

OH MY!!!!!!!!!

I think NEURO'S across America should get together to create and patent a pill for stupid.


Take 1 tablet by mouth before speaking

Quantity: #1000 (early refills are encouraged)
Refills: unlimited refills until the patient EXPIRES

Jon said...

Anonymous, is that the same company that makes Dammitol?

Mr. Deaf Carpenter said...

Because of folks like this dumbo, we will never run out of good stories.

Thx B-usher.

The Mother said...

In my state, personalized plates are expensive. Most people who have them don't need to burgle.

Li'l Azathoth said...

"Live free or die." - NH license plate slogan.

Anonymous said...

The Mother-----what is expansive for vanity plates in your neck of the woods. Here where I live regualar old "next one in line" are $98 per year and vanity plates are significantly more than that. At least another $50+

And then there is the Village Vechile Sticker that is required at $50 a year. That varies in each county or town and unincorperated areas don't need one.

And in Chicago the annual sticker just went up too. It was $150 per year but now it's more.


stacey said...

"Live free or die." - NH license plate slogan.

Aren't those plates stamped out by prisoners?

Chris said...

I guess DUMBASS was already taken?

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