Monday, March 1, 2010

Beating my head on the desk

Dr. Grumpy: "How's the tremor doing with the new medication?"

Mr. Shake: "Pretty good. I mean, some days the tremor is still bad, but on most it's okay."

Dr. Grumpy: "Any connection you've noticed on the days when it's worse? Are you more tired those days? Or drink more coffee? Or..."

Mr. Shake: "Mmm... I guess it's worse on the days when I forget to take the pills."


donna said...

I don't know, but there seems to be
a trend with your tremor patients!
They all seem to say this or they
haven't filled the RX. Maybe this
also goes with the 'tremor' thing
sucking all the common sence out of
there brain like a hoover. Just
saying! This was written after I
cleaned the coffee off of the
key board! Gosh, it is only Monday!
Have fun!!

thegooddrlaura said...

It's not just his tremor patients. My patients' blood sugar somehow mysteriously goes up on the days they don't take their insulin. They can't seem to figure that one out. (Same thing with blood pressure, pain, and lots of other issues.)

P.S. Most patients are not like this, certainly, but there are more than you'd expect.

Theresa said...

That guy's lucky, when I forgot to take my pill, I ended up with more then a few shakes...I ended up with a kid:)

Laura K said...

Fancy that.

Thanks for this blog. It's funny, and it makes me appreciate my doctors and their staff even more. Who knows what kind of patient was in here driving them up the wall before I came in?

ERP said...

Good! Problem solved!

Lovin Life! said...

HAHA! No shit?

Chris said...

Wow, is that a coincidence or WHAT?

Cthulhu Sashimi said...

You should really write this up and submit it to a journal.

Anonymous said...

@Cthulhu Sashimi: I agree. Maybe Dr Grumpy can find a collaborator at the University of Haifa.

Hopalong Ginsberg

terri c said...

Definitely worth publishing but you need maybe one more patient in the study. Somehow I don't think you will have a problem finding one...

Leigh Ann Otte said...

Oh, man. I'm so glad I discovered this blog. Makes me laugh out loud.

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